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Grivel g14 crampon heel lever blow out

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  • Grivel g14 crampon heel lever blow out

    Did not happen while climbing, but while carpet testing on different boots. Inside heel lever of grivel g14 is a plastic housing around the machine screw tension adjuster. BD sabertooth use a metal housing. If too much tension is put into system with grivel before/while latching the lever, the wire bail can "skip" under the plastic/composite housing. The reset requires punching out a retaining pin, setting the bail back into the composite housings's notch, and then resetting the retention pin. However, with every "blowout" this weakens the plastic/composite housing notch, leading to more play in the system. If this were to blow out while on vertical ice, could be scary. This was caused with a regular length crampon bar and a size 47 I was pushing the limits of the lever...I need a 190mm bar. My question is, has anyone experienced these issues before? Any thoughts on how much tension you want on the heel lever? The is of course with wire toe bails and is for vertical ice climbing. Thanks.

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    I use my CAMP 350 crampons heel lever and strap for my Grivel crampons, and vs.<> Grivel heel wire for my ULTRA light CAMP 350 crampons. CAMP heel piece works for Maestrale / Rush boot, when Grivel's not.