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  • Clipskins

    Anyone with some experience gluing on the clips care to share their experience? I've got a set that I haven't glued the clips on for yet, but might get around to it one of these weekends soon.

    Any other tips/feedback on trimming/using Clipskins would also be appreciated.


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    Tom - for reference you might re-read my second review on Clip-Skins.

    However, that doesn't explicitly reveal the 'trick' I came up with to get the clips nice and tight. First, figure out where you are going to place each pair of clips and mark the place on the skin and the corresponding place on the ski edges. Then, when you go to place the clips on the skin and glue them, shift the position of the skin so that the clips are located in a part of the ski that is narrower than the final location. Typically I shifted about 2cm from the actual location. The width of the ski at this shifted location should be a bit narrower. Glue the clips to the skin at the narrower location. When they have dried and are then in the 'correct' location they will be really snug, which is what you want. Hope that is clear. The only clips you really can't do this for are the ones in the middle, at the waist of the ski where it is already as narrow as it can be. Just try to make 'em as tight as you can for this position.

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      Any intel on when clipskins will be available again? The website's been saying they have no product for sale for about a year now.


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        I don't even want to buy new skis until these are available again. Should have bought three pairs...


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          Originally posted by TireBiter View Post
          Any intel on when clipskins will be available again?
          There is a chance that a ski maker is going to sell them. The only problem with that is the skins will only be available as a package deal with the skis. It will probably mean Clipskins with a superb fit, but that will only matter if you like the ski they go with. Mums the word from Kai on who the ski maker is. In my dreams the ski manufacturer would be Blizzard, or Dynastar, or Volkl, but K2 would be acceptable, or G3, or BD, or Voile, or Atomic, heck, I'd even ski Rossi again if they offered something that wasn't a twin.

          ain't no turn like tele!