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  • Skin recommendations?

    looking for new skins for 108 underfoot tele skis. Its been awhile since I bought any new ones . I have been recently using black diamond and g3 skins. Wondering what else new is out there? Any recommendations?
    These look cool and made in Montana

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    I may be alone but I am a big fan of the silicone adhesive skins. Have a couple seasons on Contours.


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      The Contours look nice. I have used only G3 and BD skins and have few complaints. Everyone I know who has veered away from those two was annoyed with their choice (Contours being the one exception). I have a slight preference for G3 but have noticed that, even their High Traction skins, don't grip as well as BD's, but that's only in play on steep and firm terrain.


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        I’ve seen the glue on a couple pairs of G3 skins become very gummy and sticky. With my pair the glue was coming off and sticking to the bases of my skis. This made my skis glide poorly and the glue wasn’t that easy to remove from the bases. G3 may have reformulated their glue since I bought mine around 2014.

        My ancient BD nylon ascension skins probably need new glue but are working well enough. The glue on the BDs is just contaminated with bits of leaves, needles, & bark.

        This year I’m trying out Pomoca & Kohla skins. I’ll still be using my old BDs too.

        I gave up on my G3’s. It’s a shame because G3 has the best tip and tail connectors in my opinion.


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          I bought a pair of the rovers at my local ski shop. Hope they're good!