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Swap Meet Guidelines

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  • Swap Meet Guidelines

    Got some used gear you want to sell? Post 'er here.

    If you're selling, be honest.
    Show a picture if you can. Don't take personal cheques unless you know the person.

    If you're buying, be careful.
    Don't pay unless you're sure the seller will deliver the product and discuss a return policy up front.

    Payment by mutual arrangement.
    Paypal recommended since it is easy for anyone to set up and provides a way for either party to lodge a formal complaint to clear up a bad deal (theoretically).

    Communicate by Private Message to begin negotiations.

    Play Fair!

    Caveat Emptor!

    One more thing. Clean up your mess when you're through.
    Either nuke your own thread, or indicate it is sold so the janitor can put it in the trash.
    All in-season swap threads set to auto-destruct in July.

    And another thing. If you DO sell something here, a donation to support the cost of maintaining the forum would be appreciated. It's your conscience, not mine.
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