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F1 shells for your TTS/Lynx project

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  • F1 shells for your TTS/Lynx project

    Two sets of F1 shells, no liners. These were my first F1s for skiing TTS, and were a size too big. Otherwise no way I would part with them. Check photos for actual weights and oddities of each set. $40 for either set. No BSL stamped on them, but one set has 8.5-9 stamped on the outside and the other has 9/10 stamped on the inside. My normal tele boot is 27.0, nordic boots and cycling shoes are 43. These are larger than that by one size, I'm guessing. Skied them for more than one year each, but they were sloppy. Yeah, it must have been the boots.

    The set with the cord throw (as opposed to the cable throw) is 1,115g for one shell. No power strap on this set. The heel throw has the metal bar removed on each boot, as they were bent. I have seen fixes involving nails or long bolts with a lock nut. Or just unbolt all that and ski in walk mode. That is what I do on my best set of F1s. You can find discussions of that (with photos) elsewhere on the forum.

    Because of the eight image limit, this is broken into two posts.

    Fire away with questions.
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    It would be helpful if you could measure the BSL in mm. I believe that the 9/10 on the inside of the shell cuff is just an indicator that the cuff can be used in either size 8.5-9 or 9.5-10. The BSL for an F1 would be 297mm = 26.5-27.0; 305mm = 27.5-28.0; 314 = 28.5-29.0.


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      I'm fairly confident those sizes are UK sizes, meaning they are larger than US sizing. IME (I'm mondo sz 26, eu/42) the 8.5-9 is equivalent to mondo 26.5-27, and the other would be 27.5-28. Sort of aligns with what Stovepipe was indicating.

      ain't no turn like tele!