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PSA: Scarpa TX on ebay, 26.5

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  • PSA: Scarpa TX on ebay, 26.5

    I would have jumped on these, but I got duck-butted F3's and F1's, and can't justify having more boots. They look pretty well used, but no obvious damage. Good find for someone.

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    i don't think those are 26.5's. might be, but doubt it. 9/10 on the tongue i think means that the size tongue is used with the 9 and 10 sized scaffo. and those are UK sizes. according the scarpa F08 ski boot size sole length chart, UK 10 is shell size 29/BSL 335 and UK 9 is size 28/BSL 327. A size 27, which would be size 26.5 too, would be UK8 and BSL of 318.

    i can't see any size marks other than the tongue, but really doubt those are actually size 27 shells.

    if anyone goes for those, ask them to verify the size mark on the scaffo.


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      26.5 would be 307mm BSL

      ​​​​​​I sold an identical pair of that vintage two or three years back, either here or TGR, and the buyer sent me a photo a few weeks later with the toe cracked in two, in front of the bellows. Boot was useless, and I'm a guilt ridden moron, so I refunded all but shipping costs.

      Anyone bidding on eBay should factor in potential failure of the boot due to aging plastic, and potential for a smarter seller than me.


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        TS01, yep you're right. i was off a column. those were the T1/race BSL's.

        TX/P BSL from 2008:
        mondo BSL
        30 333 mm.
        29 325 mm.
        28 316 mm.
        27 307 mm.
        26 299 mm.
        25 291 mm.


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          The duckbutts look like they were the family dog's chew toy.

          Click image for larger version

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