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    The goal is to have as few forums by category as possible, with as many as necessary.

    As has been stated elsewhere...
    Originally posted by Berkshire Jack View Post
    In the event Dostie is listening, I vote for not subdividing the forums into different sub-forums. I enjoy scanning the titles of the technical and social threads all in one place and then choosing and reading as time permits. I find I just have the time and inclination to go to a General Forum, and don't usually go much further. I belong to a Whitewater forum in the Northeast that has over the last year further sub-divided their forums. Now it seems that none of the forums get a critical mass to remain vibrant and it may be one of the reasons that that particular message board is shrinking...

    So the plan is to leave things alone in the main forum so there can be one big place to find most everything that is current. By current, I mean something that has been posted in the last few days to last few months, depending on how quickly new threads develop and fall off the first page.

    By the time a thread is more than 3-5 pages deep, it is pretty much lost unless it has been appropriately tagged, or better yet (IMO), moved to a more appropriate forum by category. This will occur most often with Trip Reports, but may also occur with gear related threads, or avalanche related discussions. There will also be a lot of threads that don't require, desire, or deserve to be found after they have slipped away. Those will remain buried over time, available only to the discerning searcher.

    For the threads that are moved, so you don't miss something that appeared recently - I will endeavor to leave a forwarding note (with an expiration) that shouldn't affect you within the first three months or so.
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