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    Having a problem ignoring somebody here? Don't get your panties in a bunch - use the ignore function so you can control your temper a bit better. Or go skiing.

    How to ignore a character at BackcountryTalk.

    1. Log in.
    2. Be sure to note the exact spelling of the offender (upper and lower case letters matter)
    3. Click on Settings - upper R corner of window, between My Profile and Log Out.
    4. Scroll down on the L sidebar to My Settings, then My Account and click on Edit Ignore List
    5. Add the character's "name".

    Ta da ... now that character's posts will be removed from what you see. You may still see other peoples response to them, or quotes from them, but you won't see them. Hopefully that will do the trick.

    Otherwise, get out and ride your bike, take a hike, run, swim, or best of all, go skiing.
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