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  • Meidjo / Lynx swap

    Swapped my Meidjo V1 for Lynx V2 today came across a couple of issues ( apart from the tech pin!) which I thought might be of interest to anyone wanting to do a similar job. Generally the exchange went well, some of the holes overlapped or were very close to the filled holes from the Meidjo ( I understand Meidjo V2 has different centers) Rather than relying on the templet punched holes I opted to install the binding on the 4 front holes which were largely unaffected. I then used a hinge (self centering) drill bit to control the drilling of the rear holes.
    I was keen to get the Lynx setup with a similar activity to the Meidjo. I built a little test rig and pulled a boot in both bindings as shown in the photos. I am aware that there are lots of varibles, but it was just to get a sense of the activity of the two bindings.
    Briefly I think the Lynx with slick pin on the 1st setting using no spacers was about 10N more than the Meidjo on setting 4. I found a a 5N difference between the left and right Meidjo (both at 4) anyway although they were consistent to themselves.
    Obviously, I will need to ski the binding to get a true feel.
    A couple of questions: How do you get the slick pin back out? Do I need a spacer to make the claw work properly?

    Click image for larger version

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    There is a tiny notch in the base plate. Just wiggle and rotate the slik pin until it comes out easily. No need to force it.

    When you say V2 do you mean the 2018/19 that yours looks like or the 2019/20 that does not allow the toe arm pin to slide out the back and has the more active pivot positions and thicker flex plates?


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      I found I needed one spacer to keep the claw from popping off while skiing. Granted this is on a boot where I installed the duckbutts myself so could have been some error there, but the claw seems to function much better overall with one spacer.


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        As far as I'm aware mine is the lastest binding V2 2020. Do they have a serial number somewhere? I didn't see one during installation. Just let me know if you need more info.


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          I don't know for sure but I thought the 2020 did not have the hole all the way through the toe arm for the pin to slide back through. On my 2018/19 the pin migrates back like in your picture and it actually wedged against my crampon, pinning it in place so I had a very hard time getting it off on top of a 5000 foot descent and when I did get it off, it broke the crampon.


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            Just had a look no notch that I can see, but the info that came with it, talks about taking the pin out to gain access to the spring to change spacers. Surely you've got to be able to take the pin out on all versions, am I missing something? The template was not a Lynx templet as such I guess it doen't matter as the 6 hole spacing is the same as other 22Designs, but you'd think they would give you a dedicated template. Just spotted your post definately the pin holes do not go through. There is clear damage to the back of the "blind hole " where the V1 pin has been driven through
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              Ouch. So the metal holding in is paper thin it would seem. As for the slik pin, it is easy to get out and I know there is a certain orientation that works. You just have to wiggle and rotate until it slips right out. I assume that means there is a notch on the inside of the base plate that allows the tab to be depressed as you line it up right there.


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                Your right!! Came out no bother. Big thanks for that!! You must have excellent skipoles to inflict damage like !!


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                  Looks like a wonderful place to do some work on ski bindings!

                  I made a similar tension tester however I used a pulley mounted to the edge of my workbench, made marks where the tech toes go to line up the ski in the same place every time. And then pulled the cord back to a series of marks on my bench, recording the weight on each.

                  Sounds like you have figured out the slic pin now, but just for reference, yes, coming out of the second hole you rotate the pin until it finds the hole, which I believe is on top, but it doesn't really matter.

                  The easiest way to confirm the newer binding is the pins that hold the tech towers are blocked on the rear side. On the first version they can slide through as Cesare mentioned.


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                    Thanks for that jnichol it's been a day of discovery! We had a woodwork business at one point, so yes we have a great shop! Keep the posts coming if it hadn't been for Cesare's post I could easily have missed it. That "blind hole" must be wafer thin at the end. I'm going to try 1 spacer (for the touring latch) and slick pin at setting 1 I found that if you "trail" the slik pin against the floor of the tech toe assembly it holds the catch shut and then it pops out. Many thanks for all the advice.


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                      Neat test. Let us know how your bindings compare to the Medijo. By the way I found position 2 way too stiff on Lynx and running in position 1 and will be nice when springs are broken in. I am about 200lbs. Curious if you have any issues with claw grabbing while in touring mode in deep snow like I did on my V2s. Im waiting on new cable that should hopefully fix problems.


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                        I also think the 2020 version has the 22D logo on the metal "pivot strap" (22D's term). And you can pull the slik pin all the way through, but I've found it's not nearly as simple as it is on the Outlaw.

                        IMO, Meidjo with the stiff springs and tension cranked up to 3 or more is where Lynx 2020 (with one spacer) begins. At this point, it seems one spacer is needed to deal make sure the claw engages. I may cables that are on the longer side, I haven't bothered to look because I like one spacer in there.

                        And yeah, super cool work space. I'm in a dingy basement with bad ventilation that would take years off my life if I didn't carefully medicate with whiskey and THC to purify the soul and body.


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                          I was running Lynx with no spacers and having no issues catching in tour mode. My older, more broken in ones can be hard to step into (don't catch). So I added one spacer and they seem fine now. But I'm still running no spacers on my 2020.... although have limited touring on that set.


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                            Yep great workshop, but at least you guys have got snow! Pretty crucial ingredient in all of this. Thanks everyone, I'll let you known how I get on.


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                              For me and my small bindings, I find the Meidjo with both springs set at 2 preload is very similar to my v2 Lynx with one spacer in #1 SP setting.

                              On the Lynx if you rotate the slic pin so the tooth is pointing down this keeps the tooth depressed, then it pops right out.

                              BTW I’ve only been BC skiing the Lynx on my Prime 3.0’s since I got the Lynx. I’m really enjoying them, they ski great and transitions are simple and smooth with them. I also really like the low climbing wire when I need it.
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