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19-20 Sierra Nevada Conditions, Reports,TR's and Hooking Up With Others

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  • Seems to me that this is a good year for "Libkind-esque" tours where fishscales are probably about the best choice. At least, if you want to avoid crowds.


    • TRT Rose Meadows
      We got a early start to get ahead of the huge crowd we know was going to be there and did that by getting a decent place to park. The crowd was primarily snow players and we hiked in deep and hardly saw anybody today. We hooked up with our friend Jason who is a super fit guy and he pushes us. We skied a lot of short lines in the trees and on 12" powder, problem was that under the powder was a 4" medium crust but under that was a big Facet layer that felt like table sugar. So, we were cautious and skied safe by one at a time and stayed away from the gulleys. Click image for larger version

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ID:	105918 I only broke thru once and sluffed but small and no issue. Mostly we were able to stay on the crust and the snow on top of the crust. Fun to ski never the less. We did 9 transitions today, I got a new pack and it was good practice. We had a great day, only three hours and climbed 2,000.

      Anyway Lynn got some cell pics. Jason looks happy as shown. Gear today, I was on Hyper VectorBC's/Dynafits, Jason on on some kind of a Light BD ski/Dynafits and Lynn went old school and Vector BC's/SB/ T2 Ecos. We all skied pretty good up and down.

      "Just say no to groomed snow"


      • Greetings Homies! I skied Carson Pass with my son today...slowly breaking down his resistance to tele one ski at a time. He doesn't have gear anymore so has to ski what I can loan him! We just lapped the mellow slopes below Elephant's Back. Top parking lot was full but having 4wd SUV we were able to park at the lower lot, which has not been plowed, and smaller cars were, ah, having fun..making a goodly effort to get into the lot and then leaving after getting stuck. Snow was nice, windblown icing above the trees and nice and soft in the trees. Tomorrow I may see if there is enough snow to get up to the north shoulder to Meiss. We're in the area until New Year's Eve and basically doing fishscale/kicker skin tours around Kirkwood with whatever relatives I can convince to join me! Give a pm QZ, others, if that game suits your fancy.


        • I met up with Quadzilla and Lynn on Wednesday for the last tour of 2020. We skinned up near (on?) the TRT to Chickadee Ridge, then down a mellow east-facing slope that still had a nice powder layer on top. Then we scaled back up to the ridge, and skied down a steeper north-facing slope. Quad and Lynn skinned back up to the ridge, while I struggled up with scales. We then skied down a southeast (?) aspect of the first slope, and scaled around and back northwest to the highway.

          It turned out to be a nice day. I managed to snap a couple of pictures when the sun came out.

          One of the slopes from the ridge:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	m-JEUTlRSvtgHhAe52_lyWQ8qN8HB_ANhvp8WsjIjM6xB01Gbv0rSX48mh5f_l9OBGLXXd-41qvswK-tUYbc3rQhFlQC_bZdd2-gjRRWoW9y1O9O9qFW2ODiM3Z2iyH3c-fYwOtmxcY=w800.jpg Views:	1 Size:	211.4 KB ID:	106119

          View of the lake filtered through trees:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Km9eL7Xmc496OOcKTiveeEcb6pHOeg6SheTz8dDpcQBRAHt5jJKZR8zc7Lymd1m7jOwrLzSiFGs3Az6UAzwDNZ6SOFCfXjUs8mvtEHOKZ1ARdBZJFhzd4Lr-yY5L5f-zQoRUx0znXh8=w800.jpg Views:	1 Size:	255.0 KB ID:	106120

          It was nice to experience some new terrain. The snow was a bit different from my normal area, being higher in altitude, and somewhat colder/drier. I would definitely come back to this area, as there's a lot to explore.

          Thanks to Quadzilla for showing me around!


          • Thanks for the TR and glad that it worked out as snow is pretty thin right now on my side of the Lake as well as dealing variable temps and uncertain snow conditions. Fortunately, we had a decent base under the soft snow so didn't get tangled up with too many rocks or break thru the base and get tossed. We did get four descents mostly in the 20's and one 30's in places. Each descent was a different aspect and each descent had a different layer of snow on top of the base, so, some wind buff, some dry powder and some thick heavy too but all pretty easy to turn. Also skied some wind buff over ruts left by previous skiers too.

            When I set up the tour I knew jtb wanted to stay on scales as much as possible, whereas Lynn and I pretty much use scales as approach/runout and add skins as soon as the climbing starts. So, we tried to factor that in. All three of us were on different gear too, me, AT scales, Lynn, 75 mm scales, jtb, TTS scales. For Lynn and I we have never toured with anyone who is skilled on scales especially skilled at climbing with scales and never seen a TTS setup before. jtb's gear is really dialed in, small light weight and he is dialed in to the gear too.

            Anyway, we are fishing for touring partners and pretty hard now days with covid and finding blend with someone you meet on the internet. jtb is a capable fun guy to tour with, hope we can hook up again when there is more choice for terrain. We are way older like maybe skiing with mom and dad but we know how to find powder.
            "Just say no to groomed snow"


            • Skiing been very good on my side of the lake.

              New Year’s Day
              Click image for larger version  Name:	F4206D9D-CF82-4BEF-9735-D784A55D25EE.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	532.1 KB ID:	106138

              later in day temps rose to the mid forties, add some wind gusts in the 20’s+ and misty conditions this morning made for a drastic change in snow quality today, but some fun buttery turns were still had. On the plus side the surface hoar is gone and will hopefully set us up for more stable conditions when the next storm rolls in

              Click image for larger version

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              • Page 3?

                First, a shout out to our fearless leader Mr. Dostie from rescuing me from oblivion. Due to the evil machinations of big tech to silence anyone who disagrees with their hegemony, my computer refused to allow me access to this noble site for a few weeks. So, some catching up to do.

                I had some extremely witty responses to the snide remarks of a certain poseur -- whoops, I mean poster -- from Alberta but, also, the neurons holding those gems have faded away.

                Anyway, here's a perspective many of you have not seen...the Sierra from Desolation to Kirkwood viewed from just west of Silver Lake, at a spot called Tragedy Spring (at least from the Mormon perspective) which, by the way, lives up to all the hype Marcus used to tell me. There's a lot of country out there.
                2020 12 tragedy spring.pdf


                • Looks great, glad you were able to get some turns! With the recent freeze/thaw cycles, and warm weather in the forecast, the snow in the BC around here is pretty grim. Sticking to resort/XC/snowshoes for the time being. Hope to get back into the BC once we get some fresh.


                  • pretty impressive winds in the Sierra...


                    • It's been pretty crazy. 60's over the weekend followed by temps in the 20's. Everything north facing is rock ice, south facing too until the afternoon. I guess the wild temperature swings came with a low pressure system. My house is pretty sheltered but the windows were rattling last night.

                      I did 2 tours over the weekend but the snow was so bad that I ended up skinning up and back.


                      • Wind must be a West side event as we here in Washoe Valley haven't seen the big wind. Wind right now maybe 20 from north. Looks like Mt. Rose is spinning lifts and they are 8,200-10,000. jtb, dude you are a trooper, not us we did a little resort last week and one tour but relearned the lesson that we don't like hardpack. WTBS, MTB lately has been as good as it gets, 50 temps and semi frozen mud makes for amazing grip..........Hopefully, pattern change for the weekend............
                        "Just say no to groomed snow"


                        • here's the actual station. Perhaps your familiar..