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POLR Binding 2020

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  • POLR Binding 2020

    Well, another year, another set of tweaks.
    see previous years threads for some details not covered here
    POLR-binding -2017
    Garage-tech-telemark-POLR-binding (2014)

    what's the same:
    almost everything important.
    all the cable spring geometry is the same
    heel pad has the features for clipping in the heel throw of climbing or carrying skis.
    heel wire has the same 3 positions, ski, climb/heel flat, climb/heel raises

    what is new:
    Dynafit superlight toe instead of vertical
    all major parts are printed with HP MJF instead of my home 3D printer (free time on the machine at work)
    reworked heel to use 22 Designs heel wire (notice Icon printed in orange. work printer is full color)
    reworked cable cross bar at back from machined aluminum rod to just a section of aluminum tube with 3D printed inserts
    reworked heel throw to work equally well on TXP, F3, F1 genI and F1 genII (clearance for the F1 genII cuff lock mostly)

    Ski mode: 480 grams, mounting screws and all. per single binding
    Long climb mode: 247 grams (remove cable/spring assembly, takes about 20 seconds)

    I don't think i can make this design any lighter (ok, 20 grams lighter by switching to Trab gara titan toes).

    switching from superlight toes to speed turn 2 toes would add 60 grams a side but save $110 a pair
    switching from superlight toes to speed radical AL would add 35 grams a side but save $90 a pair
    switching from superlight toes to vertical/speed turn 1 toes adds 70 grams a side, and i have 3 pairs.

    and now the pics
    You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 3 photos.
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    Outstanding. Looks super super polished. This and F3's should be the perfect binding for 95% of tele skiers out there (gate racers and ridiculous extreme weight weenies possibly excepted). This has helped move the needle on my is-NTN-worth-it-meter a bit further toward "Not."

    Can you remind us which springs you used? Axl/Vice? Can you swap them out for different stiffnesses?

    Is it possible to put the heel cable from pocket to binding with your boots clicked it?


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      That is a thing of beauty! Really nice design and looks pretty simple too.
      Is the any chance of parts flying away in a releasing fall or are they pretty well contained?


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        So the pinhead logo on the heel piece is a brilliant finishing touch. And great job on the weight.

        If you're other half ever finds a waiver that passes muster, I'd go back to the cable connection to try them.


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          quick answers:
          Axl/Vise Stiffy. can i swap them out and tell the difference? yes, but should do that again, been a while. i also have softy springs, and G3 enzo stiff, which are softer that axl/vise stiffy. and a bunch of 3/4" die springs. really any spring <=.75" OD and >=.375" ID will work. I have been meaning to at least swap in the softies. maybe even one softy + one stiffy. i designed to the stiffy since it allowed for the feel i want and plenty of travel.

          yes, you can remove the cable assembly with the boot in. just un-latch heel, pull springs forward about 3 inches (taking care not to snag the heel throw on the heel pad), then move the cables sideways out from under the cable guides. I could make that easier, but i wanted to make sure i didn't accidentally loose a cable assembly when packing or shouldering my skis.

          sure there is a chance. if it the cable blows with full loaded springs, depending on what blows, springs could shoot out. no rally any different than most bindings. Have yet to have that type of failure. I have broken some a couple of heel throws trying to go super rediculous BTS type light. but didn't even crash as a result. In terms of just crashing and coming out of the binding, take a look as some of the other threads, i use a a leash that attaches to the heel throw. you can actually see it in the picture of from the back of the F3 showing the orange icon, just wasn't leashed up in the pic. really just an elastic loop thru the forward lean mech that stretches over a "boat anchor" at the top of the throw. if one side of the cable breaks, it should still work. both sides break and once, well, i probably didn't want the ski attached during a beater that bad anyway.



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            nice work Jason.
            the fall line is your friend.... resistance is futile


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              Fantastic work yet again - the bar keeps getting higher! I have to make one critique... ;-) The torx screw head in the middle of the bellows support plate may attract snow that will pack.


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                Originally posted by jnicol View Post
                Fantastic work yet again - the bar keeps getting higher! I have to make one critique... ;-) The torx screw head in the middle of the bellows support plate may attract snow that will pack.
                Meh - a little anti-ice tape will take care of that.


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                  It's a thing of beauty for the lost tribe of tele. Well, THEY think we're lost. Free your heel, lose your mind.

                  ain't no turn like tele!


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                    I took the pics before i applied anti ice tape, to the orange ramp plate that grant pointed out, the heel pad, and also i have a "flap" that is not stuck down, and goes above the toe base plate and below the toe wings, which also covers the rear toe piece screws. But with those on, the picture is not as pristine purtty. i also put tape on the ski behind the binding, which you might be able to see.

                    i have only had one day in the last 3 years that i had an icing problem. that day started warm, then got really cold. i had ice cores build up inside the springs. i change the design of the internally threaded rod that adjust the cable length that is inside sprint to add an "ice pick" to the end to better break up ice cores. no issues since.


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                      So rad! Nice work Jasonq.


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                        Originally posted by Grant View Post

                        Meh - a little anti-ice tape will take care of that.
                        I was just trying to give jason a hard time.... like maybe there was something he overlooked. Clearly not based on his later post!


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                          Well what’s not to like?
                          I would have said an adjustable cable guide location, that said I have found that once I was happy on the location on my HH-Dynafit frankenbinding I now don’t move it.
                          I see you are about half my binding weight which is amazing, for a full on binding. About the same as my Skimo Tele binding, though that is no way a powerful beast.
                          Does it demonstrate that the duckbut does not have a significant advantage over a heel cable?
                          To be able to quickly remove the spring / cables is a real winner, and a neat solution. A wee block fitted to the ski just in front of the spring would stop it accidentally sliding out.
                          Are you going to make the 3D print pattern public?
                          Have you a name? Perhaps the manta ray?
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                            These bindings look really nice, clean and simple. Nice work Jason.
                            Do you ski them with the toes locked or unlocked?