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Fritschi Xenic for TTS?

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    Originally posted by Dostie View Post
    Boot will come out in a forward pivot after it rotates 65 degrees. Can't say I've ever taken apart a Vipec toe, but it must have strong similarities.
    Yeah, the feature that releases the toe in case of a vertical heel release is definitely still a concern. I was more wondering about how the toe comes out when the heel releases laterally and the toe of the boot rotates to the side.

    Originally posted by Dostie View Post
    It has the same mounting pattern as Vipec or Tecton, just not the same footprint since there's no release, or the extra springs to adjust that.
    That's good to know, so 44mm apart side to side in the front toe screws and 40mm apart in the back toe screws.

    I'm still waiting to find out how far each is from the pin line (and thus how far the front and back toe screws are from one another). For the G3, it's 40mm apart side to side in both front and back, front are 25 from pin line and back are 20, making a 40x45 rectangle. My info is according to this drive folder I got from Slidewright


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      here is what skimo says:
      Fritschi Vipec / Tecton 43.5/39.5 x 65.5 28.5 x 60.5
      Fritschi Xenic 44 x 33 28.5 x 60.5
      heel is the same as vipec, but toe is different.

      no info on where pin line is relative to the pattern, but looking at the photos, i'd think the pin line is about 14-15mm behind the front screws

      they don't have the pin heights on their pin height page


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        Thanks Jason! Looks like I'm going to have to pass for now but might get some for a future TTS setup. I couldn't get them mounted with boots close to center on my current setup (Ion toe 40x45). The Xenic holes would only be about 6.3mm (2mm in, 6mm back...look at me using the pathagorean theorem!) or maybe less for one set and more for others if the pin line isn't centered like Jason suggests.

        Still, I think this might be the real deal for TTS but I'll have to wait till another season to try it and be the guinea pig