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  • How to use "Ignore Function"

    Are you tired of seeing posts by a certain forum member (s)?

    If your answer is YES ,then you have the freedom to choose, just add the forum member to your personal ignore function and their posts will no longer be visible to you unless you so choose.

    Here's how to do it:

    After logging in, go to the top right side of the forum page and cick on "Settings"
    Once you are in your settings, click on "Edit Ignore List"
    From the ignore function page, enter the name of the forum member in the "Add a Member to Your List"
    Save changes and you're good to go.

    The ignored member will remain ignored as long as you so choose, they can be unignored at any time by simply removing their name from your ignore list.

    You can choose to see any ignored member's post by clicking on the post. Once you choose to read an ignored member's post, it will go back to being invisible until you delist them or click on the view post for that message.

    Enjoy the the freedom to choose

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    ^^^ Wow, that reminds me of the
    "Computer Professor" -- I think
    that was his moniker -- who just bombed
    world with all that point-and-click super duper
    Windows 95/98/Me info that, I think, grandmas
    might have bought to ruin some kid's Xmas..Ha!
    Anyways , on a serious note, this really shows
    the ineffectual nature of forum "ignorance"..
    Ben, if I were ignoring you, then I would not
    be posting this..And if you REALLY were ignoring me,
    you would never have started this thread
    Very few forum members really ever bother to
    list a "foe" and the few that do always end up reading
    the posts of their imagined enemies anyways..The
    freedom to choose is too often the freedom to lose..
    If I have offended you in some way, let's
    just say I am sorry, m'kay ?
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      Thanks NB, now I can avoid your whining, on the other hand I actually enjoy some of your techie posts. Like creating your own waxless pattern. Perhaps Craig can create an "ignore whining" function. Ben if you are going to live a life on internet forums you can't let harmless oddballs like Ron get you panties in a wad.
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        Originally posted by Sheik Yerbouti View Post
        Thanks NB, now I can avoid your whining.
        BINGO, we have a winner. Well, NB since in your opinion people here don't have a clean slate, YOU have plenty of blood on your hands from the old forum, so do you want to renew some of that? We all know how to use ignore feature as it has been discussed recently. IMO, let it go, he is making a effort to be a worthwhile contributor.
        "Just say no to groomed snow"


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          I'm not sure that I have a beef with anyone, nor are my panties in a wad; I don't have any panties, so I'll let you figure that one out for yourself.

          If a certain poster insists on being derogatory toward me or anyone else, the moderators will moderate him. For my part, I can ignore him because I don't see his posts

          I did not know about the ignore function until I asked, now I use it and I find it helpful, so I put out a "how to" so that other folks would be aware.

          I believe there was a similar "ghetto" ignore option that someone devised for TTips; specifically so that folks could ignore a certain poster, did it get panned as well? No, I don't think so.

          Ignore is an option, which means you don't have to use it.

          And you can ignore me, I don't really care, it's your "option".
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            I have to say... this forum software is *WAY* less retarded than the one that TT used...