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  • AT mounting

    Not sure if I have ever seen this discussed before but I am curious about the difficulty of mounting AT bindings.
    I have mounted Tele multiple times; most of my rigs and many for friends and also my kids' alpine. So I can measure, drill, glue and screw.
    How much trouble would I have with dynafit st rotations?

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    You should have no problem.

    Tolerance for f’ck ups may be less, but drive screws a little at a time and get hold of the right torx bit - I personally like t-handle drivers - just seems easier to get binding flush on ski, which has been trickier for me with Dynafit bindings than tele.


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      what dschane said.

      and getting for dynafit type bindings, getting the toe aligned so the pins on the heel are lined up with the slots on the boots can be tricky. i think i saw a write up on doing DIY somewhere, probably Anyway, i followed that sequence the last time, which my version basically is, mount the heel first. The drill one hole for the toe (a back one for me), tighten on toe. put boot in toe, align boot to heel pins. hot glue toe to ski, mark front holes on ski, remove boot, mark remaining back hole. remove toe, drill, mount.

      a variation on the above is to skip marking the holes, and leave the toe on the ski. Use a self centering drill bit that is smaller than 4mm to mark the locations of the front. remove boot, same on rear. remove toe, then drill, mount.