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  • Mountain Bike Thread - 2019

    Time to upgrade to 2019........ Still plenty of Spring ski touring available but right now more interested in bike riding with low elevation single track opening up and tee shirt temps. We have been riding 3x week of singe track rides of around 2hrs. and our ET's are close to our best times of last season. We did ride with SPQR and his wife last week and had a good time showing them Clear Creek as they rode their new HT trail bikes fore the first time. They have Ibis HTs set up with plus tires, droppers, 29er and capable.

    Ive been riding my HT too and did some mods to it recently. I dropped tire size from 3.0 to 2.8 and the 2.8's have a stiffer sidewall so the tires are more upright with less bulge to kiss rocks. I also change the rear hub ratchet to a 36 tooth, both mods especially the tires are a huge difference. We also bought a dodge van as we want to range out on overnite trips and wanted a easy way to stay out and sleep at the TH's.

    On a more sad note, Lynn had a pedal strike and went OTB and cracked a bone in her wrist. Injury was in the same place she had surgery a long time ago so the site was loaded with arthritis and hard to evaluate. She is in a soft split and will be out for a while. She is also headed for a new hip in Sept too, Obviously going to effect her riding this season especially the Fall. Hopefully the end game will be a plus as lately she can't ski tour but her riding has been doable. Anyway, we play hard at dangerous activities, so it isn't if but when the wreck happens. She thinks she will be riding by 6-1.

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    "Just say no to groomed snow"

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    Sorry to hear about Lynn’s wrist. I can commiserate, I’ve been a wreck last few weeks with after affects from the flu and then got sick from a contaminated water bottle, I should know better. Last three days finally feeling better and rode a decent tempo on my road bike three days in a row. Looking forward to returning to Tahoe area for more mtn biking as soon as we can.


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      It's that time of year again.


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        I just pulled my Ibis Ripley LS out of the basement for the season. Unfortunately, the daily rainfall has kept the trails off limits for now.


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          "Just say no to groomed snow"


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              Front wheel drive, six cylinders, six speed. Van is made by Fiat and a lot of weight over front end so supposed to be grippy. Won't be a primary snow vechicle.
              "Just say no to groomed snow"


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                As you know, I was a minivan man for nearly 30 years. Mostly AWD but the last van was only FWD. With a good set of chains (I called 'em one-minute chains) you can judiciously go anywhere an AWD van goes with a chained up FWD van.

                FWIW, by comparison, 4WD SUCKS compared to AWD.

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                  Thanks for the demo on those chains! Brilliant! I hate getting in to get the back side of mine hooked up. That said, I use chains more as a safety item for AWD/4WD. Chains are ok when the roads are bad or you are on FSRs where speeds are slow. But for those times that you want to maintain highway speed, AWD wins. Does open my eyes though to the possibility of Dodge FWD over Sprinter RWD (I want a 4WD, but they are hard to come by used).

                  Good work getting the thread up and running Quad. I've been mostly building this year. We currently have a contractor, volunteers, and myself coordinating. Trying to get things done before it gets hot.


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                    Getting out daily on local urban single tracks along nearby river and ravines with such nice weather with and no rain to break up riding routines....Today drove a bit for a nice loop with Tabitha on her new Ghost near Fishtrap Lake on the Columbia Plateau.

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