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    I am planning a ski weekend for some old friends and wanted to get ideas about lodges that would offer guided skiing in BC/Canadian Rockies. I have done some backcountry skiing but the others have no backcountry experience. I was thinking to go somewhere where the skiing could be guided and fairly mellow, also to make this work, it will probably have to be less than a week. I was thinking either Lake O'Hara Lodge or Mt. Assiniboine Lodge for a 3 night stay, but I would be interested to hear other ideas. Thanks!

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    Lots of huts to consider. I've heard Mistaya has a good mix of terrain. All of 'em have mellow terrain for high avy danger days. For three days I think the quality of food and friendliness of the guides is more important than terrain.

    ain't no turn like tele!


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      Mistaya was on my radar. I think their area backs onto the Wapta system where I have skied many times. But I think they just book longer trips - 5-7 days. I have skied Lake O'Hara, but did not stay at the lodge. I was essentially just touring there and it seemed pretty limited for turns. I think the guides at the lodge do take guests to a couple of places where it is possible to get turns, and that might be enough for my crew for a couple of days. I have not been to Assiniboine in winter, but from the Chic Scott book, and from my hiking in that area, I think they might have more ski terrain. Interested to hear from people who have skied these places.


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        I spent a really good few days at Emerald Lake Lodge once. Pricy but at the time they had a deal where if you were a member of the local XC ski club, you could stay cheap...and membership in the club was cheap, open to anyone and could be picked up at the local XC trailhead nearby. Don't know if that kind of deal is still around.... Ob, and I don't know if they had any guide services or not either. I just have fond memories of it and the terrain had some mellower options as well as a more exposed tour up Emerald Peak accessible right from the lodge. Unfortunately I can't find my copy of the guidebook where I'd written some notes on what we did.


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          Originally posted by mark g View Post
          but I would be interested to hear other ideas. Thanks!
          No, Mt. Assiniboine Lodge is what you want.

          (they didn't pay me)


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            Sounds like you know the area. Here's my brief two cents:

            Lake O'hara: Limited turns.
            Emerald Lake: Limited mellow or obvious turns. Accommodation so so.
            Assiniboine: better than the above and good for a weekend likely, but I'd go with....
            Purcell Mountain Lodge: First choice. helicopter to lodge from Golden. Outstanding accommodations and views and terrain (the gamut) with plenty of mellow, touring across meadows with massive vistas.
            Mistaya: I haven't been into this one so I can't really comment, but it looks similar to Purcell other than that it is located in the Rockies not the Purcells. Both fly out of the same spot in Golden. I think it would come down to availability, price, and schedule.