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Took a flying leap onto Eagles

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  • Took a flying leap onto Eagles

    A couple years ago I was waiting for the production release of Moonlight Mountain's binding but found I was impecunious at the time and couldn't buy in. Things are better now so I got the binders and some skis to go with them. I'll get to test them in a few days at Lake Louise. I'm on the road now.

    The sidewalls are beech and have to be waxed. I'll be putting some spar varnish on them when I get a chance.

    Bindings look beefy and well made. Heels have prongs.

    To be continued...

    Click image for larger version

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    Looks slick. Looking forward to hearing more about the bindings.


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      Noticed that images were not showing when I was logged outs so tried again but now there are just links. Hmmmm.

      Could be testing tomorrow as I have reached Banff today.

      Measuring pins to pivot and second hole looks very close to the 60mm I have on my TTS setups. I got both the short green springs and the red longs so will be able to check the rearmost position.
      I acknowledge that I live on the traditional territory of the Algonquin Nation


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        I skied the Moonlights in a great variety of conditions for 5 days. The skis did most things very well but I found the tails sinking out badly when static in deep snow or when skinning. The factory binding mount turned out to be the old 2cm back of boot centre so I decided to get them remounted. I do ski probably 80% alpine turns anyway so it seemed right and turned out just great. Top marks for an all-rounder ski with it's width limiting the deep and fresh snow performance. Tips do come up nicely when moving but as one would expect the narrowish waist lets the boot into the snow and slows things down a lot.

        The binding works just great, very similar to my TTS setup with immediate engagement and a smooth slowly ramping action. I feel the springs hit bottom with knee maybe 5 cm from ski (with knee pads) and I can put knee on ski with the general flex of everything. I'm still in the mid hole and long red springs. The springs come out of the block easily (especially when you don't want them to) and go in with some difficulty. I'm getting used to it and it's working better. The hooks rotate very freely so pretty much 2 ungloved hands are needed to get them in. I partially solved this with some tape. I totally fixed the unintended disconnect by replacing the Moonlight heel and heel throw with the OMG models. Now I can hook the levers under the heel lip when skis are off so accidental disconnecting is eliminated. The toe has powerful springs that close with a nice snap and it seems easy to get a sweet connection with a lot of snow about. So far no snow packing problems have emerged.

        I did have one release not sure if it was pre or if I hit the lever somehow in a messy side fall on very steep terrain with refrozen lumps. Stiff snow and crust seems to put the toe lever into lock quite easily. I have a leash attached to the lever too so that might be pulling it up into lock at times.

        All in all really happy with the Eagles but if it snows much I'll be on the Coombacks.

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          Click image for larger version  Name:	purewithomgheels.jpg Views:	0 Size:	31.0 KB ID:	94903

          Image is inline when I'm logged in but just a broken link when logged out. ???
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            Too bad your pics are showing, just this last one. Would be nice to see more, particularly the prongs and the spring attachment assembly. When I first posted on the new forum, I remember the new format for loading pics took some learning. Maybe you have to look at it again and click some sort of button?

            So you have the long red springs - are these the soft, long travel ones, or are they the only ones Moonlight supplies?
            The toe lock lever looks to be hollow, or is it that the colour perfectly matches your skis?

            I have a pair of skis with 30% early rise (two like this actually) and they are annoying when touring in deep unsupportive snow. The tails sink and the tips rise and if it's steep it just gets worse. Not sure of the early rise profile on the eagles.


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              I do like the idea of stripping down to your toes when climbing (keeps you cool!). Sounds like it is a bit of a fiddle removing / putting in the cables - how long does it take? Probably never worth it for a Tele-Skimo race as I assume you have to remove skis at the top, rather then just ripping the skins.


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                Another drawback of removing the cables when climbing is you have to remove the skis to transition. Well, you don’t ‘have’ to, but putting the cables back on is fiddly enough without trying to do it underfoot.


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                  Exactly...though making a heel cable that readily clips in / out (and does not fall out) should not be all that complicated.


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                    PS Moonlight bindings, are these actually made by Kruespitz? Has anyone been able to compare the two? ....and who makes their skis?


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                      I have a couple more days and a tune on the Moonlights as well as 2 2 hour flattish tours and some trail breaking. Conditions are crazy warm here at Lake Louise with frozen everything until midday. Liking the skis a lot. They float well when moving and the balance is right on the beam for me. If there was a heap of snow I would go to my Coombacks and they might handle the mash potatoes a bit better. On hard snow and ice they are as competent as my eastern Canada ski BD Havocs.

                      Practice has made the removal and attachment of the springs easier and I expect I won't have to think about it after a while. I tend to do laid back transitions so the extra time is nothing, seconds really. Having the OMG heel post takes away any concern of them dropping off unexpectedly. On an short climb or if a windy ridge is on the menu just clip them down. There is no way you could attach or remove cables when your boot was in the toe. It has to go to 90 to unhook. Well maybe there is a way if you were flexible and someone helps.

                      The toe is beautifully machined. I can take some close ups and figure out this interface. There are a few clicks to the lockout. I've been a bit busy skiing. Pretty sure it is as stated "Born in Norway, Handmade in Sweden". When the binding was in preproduction 2 years or so ago it sounded like they were getting small runs locally sourced. Skis as above.

                      Springs are the long red Moonlights that I use on my OMG TTS as well.

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                        You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 3 photos.
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                          Click image for larger version

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                            THAT's what we wanted to see - the Moonlight toe. Nice!

                            BTW - How do they ski? Is this your first binding with NTN boots? How does it compare to what you used previously?
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                            ain't no turn like tele!


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                              I skied 7tms through several versions then got the orange TXPros and the first production OMG TTS with the G3 springs and 2 piece pivots and have been on various tweaks of that since. Also gave NTN a shot but hated it. You might like a look at my setup on the Coombacks that I have for my annual western trip.

                              Ski Trab always closed toes are really good. There is no snap to indicate the toe closing but the feel on the ski pole is super reliable for letting you know. So simple.

                              My anti icing measures are near perfect. I filled the gap between the pivots with a dense closed cell foam and use double side tape to attach a 1mm cover that overhangs a bit. The key is flex so packing snow breaks up or looses adhesion.

                              Springs are the long red Moonlights/Voile. Pivot is mid but blocks are 1/2 hole forward of the original recommend placement.

                              The setup suits my “style” perfectly. It has immediate action and a smooth ramp up just barely bottoming as knee contacts ski.

                              The Moonlight doesn’t resist lateral movement of the heel as much as OMG so may have more chance of allowing release by the toe.

                              I'm now very comfortable with the Moonlight spring remove/replace move and have no unplanned detachments. Occasionally they don't go in first try but I think some more wear (in the plastic cover) and practice will eliminate that.

                              The Eagle ski is a super fun ski that likes to dance in most conditions. I'll sure choose the Coombacks if there is a lot of snow or if trail breaking is expected but having a ball with the Eagles.

                              Off the topic- Lake Louise is desperate for a few flakes but 18+cm landed at my home in Eastern Ontario. Argghhh.

                              Pics didn't show up again. Retrying...

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