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  • Rename this place - to what?

    Terminology is a big deal for me. Back in the day Dawson and I debated what to call AT. We all call it AT now, but we have a very serious discussion about whether we should follow Chouinard's lead and promote the term randonnee (that's with 3 n's and 2 e's, puhleeez!). Quickly we agreed the rando term was just another French word and we didn't need to be trying to educate Amerikans about two French words - Couloir was bad enough.

    Then the question was, would we adopt the acronym as the dominant term, or always spell it out? A.T. or alpine touring? We opted for the acronym. Luckily, the masses followed our lead, except it probably is a really suckie term for search engine optimization. Who cares.

    But the name for this place, this particular part of the BC Talk forum, the general meeting hall has me stumped. Time to ask my esteemed peers and the peanuts in the gallery. You can believe you are whichever one you want.

    What should we call this forum? I even considered Brawlroom, but figured that would be inviting too much trouble from the get go. I just changed it to "le Chronicle du Couloir," in memory of the original backcountry rag. I'm inclined to call it Mitch's Bar. Afterall, most everyone here at this point in time is a refugee from there. Much of the experiences and memories from there are, at this point, fondly remembered. It was a brawlroom itself at times, a juvvy moshpit at others, but there were some sages who passed through and dropped some pearls of wisdom too.

    I'm putting 'er up for a vote, those two plus a few others and I welcome your suggestions.
    Mitch's Bar
    The BC Bar
    le Chronicle du Couloir
    Glacier Room

    The poll is expired.

    Ain't no turn like tele!

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    I like the name BC Talk, but it probably doesn't get many hits on the search engines...

    How about Dostie's Backcountry Ski and Board Forum/Talk?

    Okay, that's a bit stuffy... so something that is all encompassing, focused on snow sliding, backcountry emphasis. How about:

    BC Ski Forum

    It's a simple title, easy to say, it doesn't catch the boarders, not sure if that matters much to you

    I don't think "bar" or Mitch's name pertain, this is a new place and if anything it should be named with a fresh start in mind, maybe include your name in the title since you're doing the work...


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      Maybe kind of like the AT thing you should just spell it out. Backcountry Skiing Talk. You can make as much or as little of this project as you choose, but part of the success of Ttips was that Mitch took it seriously (at first at least). A lot of the regulars found that place from a simple browser search. Conversely obscurity will effect the vibe too. When the snow starts to fly and the symptoms of powder fever hit the masses folks will be registering like crazy. Two buckles vs. three, NTN vs 75 mm, AT vs. Tele, - the whole thing will go round and round. Personally, I don't mind the tribute to Couloir as I was a big fan of the magazine. I also speak some French so the rest doesn't bother me, but it isn't going to do you any good with the spiders crawling the web.


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        Scuttlebutt Chalet (with 5 t's)

        The M. Weber Memorial Home for Lost Backcountry Skiers


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          On your main page,..... where it says "BC talk", it should say "FORUM"....

          The only reason to NOT take advantage of the clearest term available to steer people to the site's forum, is to attempt to create a proprietary product that adds to your products popularity in the market place. Terms like "tupperware" became the popular term people used for resealable plastic containers.. Are you trying to create a proprietary new product?.... NO, forums are derivitive of their predicessors...

          so,.... it's the "forum" on the site....

          Don't make this harder than it needs to be...

          And by the way,.... WTF does "go advanced" mean?... If you can give me the name and address of the code monkey who decided that "go advanced" was a term that is understandable, I would like to hunt him down and "have a sandwich" with him... (BTW, "have a sandwich" means punch him in the face) "Go advanced".... WTF...
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            Off Piste...or Piste Off?
            backcountry in northern New Mexico


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              New Telemark Norm?


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                I wouldn't try to reinvent the wheel here. Nothing wrong with "Earn Your Turns Backcountry ski forum" a little wordy but connects the EYT website and the Talk forum together. IMO
                "Just say no to groomed snow"


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                  Originally posted by Nurse Ben View Post
                  I like the name BC Talk, but it probably doesn't get many hits on the search engines...

                  You can't lead if you're following.

                  A point of clarification
                  I'm referring to the name of this particular branch of the forum - the place to start. As for the name of the forum, that, my friends, is already cast -, or explicitly in the URL - That pretty much deals with the first level of SEO.

                  I'm not concerned so much about SEO once folks are inside, although there isn't anything wrong with leveraging words to help with that either. Keep those suggestions coming and thanks for your input.

                  re: Go Advanced
                  tele.skier. Yeah, I be having a number of sandwich lunches with the vBulletin developers if they let me. But they won't so I need to ask for help politely instead of threatening them. Go Advanced allows you to access a WYSIWYG Editor with more options.
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                  ain't no turn like tele!


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                    Dosties' 'Ol Snow Talk Internet Extravaganza
                    Coastal Crest Snow Patrol


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                      Blood on the Skintrack


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                        Dostie's Travelling Circus

                        Srysly - can we be srys now? I like it fine the way it Things should have only one name (Yes, both the Constitution AND the Bible say this) and I like the name BC Talk. So you have a forum, called BC Talk, which has subforums...but the main subforum has a bland name like "General Discussion", because when you say BC Talk, that's what you mean, and if you want to refer to a different subforum you say the blah-blah forum at BC Talk. Kind of like when you say New York, you mean NYC, unless you say, Saugerties, New York.


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                          Having thought about it more, I think you're suggestion is good, Dustie. Name this forum "What?"


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                            "The Fall Line"
                            Seize the Dog!


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                              Okay, now I see what your asking about... so how about calling it:

                              Main Forum

                              Followed by sub forums:

                              Level One
                              Tips and Techniques
                              Trip Reports
                              Gear Reviews
                              Gear Sale

                              Basement, B1
                              Everything Bacon
                              Vegetarian Living
                              Too cheap to buy your gear, then make your own
                              Best places to live, if only I could move there
                              What I do when I can't do what I want

                              The Dungeon:
                              NTN vs All Others
                              AT vs Tele
                              Rantings of a desk jockey: Politics and everything that doesn't fit under the other forums...