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2014 Sierra eastside road access info ?

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  • 2014 Sierra eastside road access info ?

    Who's got some scoop?

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    mr. toad reports VL road is open.....
    It's turns! Of course it's worth the hike!


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      caltrans website shows 120 open to Tioga from the east


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        Is the Whoa Nellie Deli open? Gotta focus on the important things here!
        Originally posted by riser3
        I heart filthy, stinky "hippies", although isn't mchin a Doctor or something like that? Hardly qualifies as a "hippie" IMHO...


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          Four guys skied the High Route earlier this month. They had a walk a "bit" but I have to admire their drive!

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          Originally posted by riser3
          I heart filthy, stinky "hippies", although isn't mchin a Doctor or something like that? Hardly qualifies as a "hippie" IMHO...


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            Caltrans saying that Ebbett's pass is open? but Sonora is still closed.


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              I read last night that Sonora Pass just opened. I was thinking of heading to Tioga this weekend, but marginally freezing temps led me to stay on the mountain bike for a few days.


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                caltrans site says 168 open to Sabrina now. Secondhand info from Inyo County says Horseshoe Meadows road will probably open the 25th. Whitney Portal road supposedly opened yesterday afternoon.


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                  Yep. Sonora now open.

                  Go git some!


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                    tioga looked better than i thought yesterday (more snow that i would have thought).

                    there were rain squalls throughout the sierra yesterday, including at higher altitude.

                    there were at least 2 big loaders working on saddlebag lake rd yesterday. i'm not sure if they were plowing or doing something else.

                    whoa nelli deli ain't open yet. hopefully, it will be better than last year (big let down).

                    there was a large slide cycle between the last storm cycle and now in the bishop area and several of the trade routes are full of debris. the snow line is also very high on many of those descents.
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                      Report from Tioga is today was excellent transitioning couloir snow.


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                        Anyone skied Sonora Pass or Tioga recently? Is there anything with easy access, or should we just plan on skiing northerly volcanos from here on out?


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                          Word from other places on the internet is that 120 is going to open all the way over on Friday. Friends skied lines off the Plateau two weekends ago said it was good.

                          I'd imagine both places will still be good this weekend, but not much after that with the gnarly heat.


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                            If the Park Service says it, it must be true:

                            The Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park will open for the season tomorrow, Friday, May 2, 2014, at noon for all vehicular traffic. . . . .

                            Due to a light snowpack this past winter (approximately 30% of normal), the Tioga Road was cleared of snow early into the season. Snow and icy conditions may still exist on hiking trails at the higher elevations. Visitors are urged to be prepared for snowy conditions and possible treacherous stream crossings while hiking the backcountry in the early season.

                            All campgrounds along the Tioga Road are closed. All commercial services, including the gas station, store, and village grill, are also closed. There are no anticipated opening dates for any of these facilities.
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                              No Name was well covered and sheltered from the high winds over the weekend.

                              More high winds on Tioga but great corn in the valley.

                              Couple of split boarders reported Saddle Bag road is plowed to the dam but the road is blocked... even for those with a key.