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Thank You Gear and Clothing Donors!

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  • Thank You Gear and Clothing Donors!

    My Royal Ranger Outpost has received many kind donations of gear and clothing from former T-Tipsters who now lurk on this board. We have put your stuff to good use for snowshoe trips, hiking trips, and our quasi-annual Snow Cave 2-nighter.
    We take boys out from ages 9-13 on the snow shoe trips and hikes and boys 14 and older on the snow cave trip. Your gear is getting a second life for many of these boys who can't afford good gear for outdoor use. Many thanks to Brett, Bob, Andy, Eric, Hannes, Brian, Chris, Steve, Jody, Scott, Aaron, Jay and the rest of you who donated, whose names I've spaced. Our young men appreciate the great gear! We only had two young fellas on our Snow Cave trip this year, but next year, we plan on at least 4, plus we are taking another local Outpost out to break them into snow-caving. On our Snow Shoe trips, we usually average 7-9 boys and hikes about the same.

    Here's a video of our latest snow cave trip to Mt. Rainier this past weekend: We built a whopper of a cave that could have held 7, so it was nice to have our packs and gear inside. I left my GoPro and iPhone in camp during our Saturday "nature" hike, so no footage of that. That's my handsome mustachioed mug in the selfies.

    Overtly Christian music, so if you're not into that kinda thing, turn down the sound.

    Once again, thanks a bunch!