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  • Photo Tutorial

    A photo is worth a thousand words. With photo inflation, courtesy the web, a thousand words may not buy much anymore, but some are worth more than 1000 words. To allow the crème to rise to the top is what this forum is primarily dedicated to.

    To that end, vBulletin offers some features that are worth taking advantage of. You don't have to use these features, I only recommend them and make them available to you.

    The Cloudy Way
    The absolute easiest way to post a photo is to link to a photo already stored on the web somewhere.
    Click on the photo icon at the top of your post editor...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	add-image-editor-toolbar_11x.jpg
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    and then select the URL to link to...

    revert to medium sized display image

    That image will then appear within your post at the size it exists.

    I know you want to show your photo big. Like, really big. Me too. But, as a magazine publisher I think presentation is as important as the photo itself. Therefore, I request you not link to an image larger than 800px in any direction. There are two benefits I'll try to persuade you with. 1) It will render your image faster, and 2) improve the look of the site with consistently sized images.

    If the viewer wants to see it bigger,they can go to your Flickr page, which, BTW, is a recommended photo hosting service because you can control the copyright on your image. With any luck, I'll be able to enable the same zoom function for larger, hosted-on-the-cloud images, but that's a nurd issue I'm battling at the moment.

    The House Way
    It may take a bit more effort to do it this way, but if you don't already host your photos on a web service then you can easily upload them and BackcountryTalk will host them. (Copyright may be exercised by to protect your property and attempt to prevent internet piracy.) Incidentally, nearly all the images in this post are rendered medium sized. Click on them to enlarge.

    When you click to add a photo in your post, in this instance you want to click on the tab to Upload a photo from your computer. Follow the directions to find the photo on your computer, then click on the UPLOAD button.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	upload-image_after-selection_12x.jpg
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    You can then simply leave the photo in the default import size (Large - 800px max) and alignment (none) and continue with adding content to your post – like another image.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	selecting-thumb-size_12x.jpg
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Size:	73.0 KB
ID:	89139However, you can also edit the presentation of the photo, to change the size of the image in the post to:
    thumbnail (150px)
    medium (300px)
    full-size (1200px)

    There is no need to display the image full-size. If you place a photo the House-way, the viewer can see your image Full Sized by clicking on the photo image, whether that is thumb, medium, or large sized. It will then zoom out to the largest size your browser will allow, up to 1200px which is much larger than most browsers will allow. YMMV.

    You can also change the alignment. Creative use of this function can allow you to create a magazine styled presentation of your trip, or whatever, with text appearing on either side of images, and image placement defined by you to be Left, Right, or Centered.

    Notes on Photos
    There is a limit of 4 images per post. This is so the server can spew out data in bite sized chunks instead of getting bogged down with a huge multi-image post. Don't like the limit? Deal with it. Make multiple posts to your thread, not multiple threads.

    Style matters
    I encourage you to embed photos and craft a story. On the other hand, speed is safety. If you just want to tell us where you've been, then git 'er done and don't waste time with the details.

    Note to Early Adopters
    Hey guys and gals,

    Some of the functionality with adjusting the formatting of embedded images detailed above won't work for you. Not without a little adjustment on your part – a software patch if you will. My apologies. You need to turn these features on for your profile.

    Click on the Settings link (top of page, where you logged in).
    Login >> Settings

    Then, in the L-sidebar, select General Settings
    Click image for larger version

Name:	my-account_genl-settings_12x.jpg
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    On your My Settings page scroll down until, near the bottom, you get to Miscellaneous Options.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	scroll-to_misc-options_12x.jpg
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ID:	89142
    Click on Enhanced Interface – Full WYSIWYG Editing.

    The full menu of image placement options will now be at your disposal.

    Sorry for the inconvenience to your time.
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    Variations for Video

    Google couldn't simply explain how things work better, they HAD to change things (still WITHOUT an explanation or apology).

    If you want to embed a YouTube video, you need to grab the link from the URL field, ABOVE the video on the YouTube hosting page, not the share link UNDER the video.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	new-video-share-protocol_10x.jpg
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