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Hitler wants to ski powder at Jay

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  • Hitler wants to ski powder at Jay

    For you Eastern skiers, all very true

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    Here's another, with a Front Range slant.

    Hitler flips out the night before he is expecting to ski Vail on a Saturday morning powder day. By Pete Drago (and loosely based on my life)


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      Yes the Vail one is the original, the best?

      I am just heading out to do mid-week laps on the Tram...if it isn't on "wind delay"


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        Originally posted by chamonix View Post
        For you Eastern skiers, all very true
        That's not even funny. And it's a complete ripoff of the Whiteface one which actually is sort of funny:

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          That clip has been used for all sorts of spoofs. Really, how could you resist?


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            Speaking of stupid people on Hwy 242, this guy was at the top of the Dip/Pass, driving backwards, weaving all over both lanes, crawling uphill on the ice. Last Saturday at noon. Traffic was backed up behind him down the Jay side.

            Click image for larger version

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