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Paging White Honky and James!

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  • Paging White Honky and James!

    Thanks guys for your hot tip on the Liberty Helix skis! I got them for $435.00 shipped, new from an eBay vendor. I mounted them up with NTN Freerides. I just got back from a week at Whistler last week where I put them through their paces. They are turny, solid in the junk, "playful" and definitely more versatile than my G3 Infidel skis. My son and my ski buddy were running Volkl Gotamas as their daily drivers, and although they both love them, and did pretty well on them, I noted that they were not as comfortable in the moguls. The Helix skis could handle almost every type of condition the mountain threw at them, including some hard snow conditions, groomers, bumps, what little bit of new snow we got, and chowdered up new snow here and there.

    This 62 y.o. skier thanks you for your suggestions and your help!

    Just for grins, here's a link to one of our forays into the leftover pushed around snow last week:

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    You are welcome and I am glad you like them. It looks like you got some nice snow to push around with those skis. The more I ski those skis the more I like them.

    I was out exploring around the other day in the afternoon and found some nice S facing BC corn snow. The Helix are big enough to handle any inconstancies the snow throws at you and stable enough to amp it up a bit. I think I may use those for some of the early season corn snow days and they have also turned out to be a good soft snow steep bump ski for A-Basin. I don't think I will be getting rid of my quiver anytime soon but those skis really are versatile. About the only thing I don't think they do well is make mid to short radius carved turns.


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      Glad you are enjoying them. They are a remarkably versatile ski. But indeed, at low camber and 105 in the waist, they are not a classic carving... but it looks like you weren't doing a ton of groomer carving on your trip! I have a 2-ski quiver, but the Helix could make many happy as a single ski quiver.