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Don't delete: MEC gift card enclosed

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  • Don't delete: MEC gift card enclosed

    Amount: $50.00
    Gift Card number: 9buy23more3100gear192
    Member number: 2numb42
    Serial number: 1007nuts4
    PIN: 5xoxoxo
    Dear AQUA TOQUE,

    This year, we're issuing our largest-ever share redemption: $4.5 million shared among more than 165,000 members. And it includes you.

    A share redemption is one of the unique benefits of being a Co-op member. Because your $5 membership makes you part owner of this business, you're entitled to share in our success. The amount of your gift card represents a return on a portion of the purchases you made at MEC. As the share redemption was issued in your name, please redeem the gift card yourself.

    What's new with share redemptions
    In the past, we printed redemption cheques and mailed them to members' postal addresses. This year, we're delivering redemptions by email using our existing gift card system. Changing our approach allows us to deliver redemptions to many more members – four times the number of people as were included in 2011.

    Thank you
    As of 2014, Mountain Equipment Co-op has been in business for 43 years, issued 13 share redemptions and returned $22.6 million to members.

    Thank you for being a member of MEC.

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    $50!? big spender. My $25 almost convinced me to buy new skis, luckily they aren't in stock. Keep shopping.


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      Wow! I better send them an updated e-mail address. I didn't hear anything from the MEC (they have my address) and have been a member since 1980. Back when the Calgary MEC was above the House of Tools.


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        Where is my $50!

        (Where is my card? Ah ha!)

        (I use to go to Vancouver all the time - but I never went skiing in or out of town - and I would have a car!)

        I am cheap - I think I have found a new Windows Professional 7 laptop for $219 - bought a nice 19" Dell Monitor for $69 last weekend for an for a server move.



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          Absolutely killin' it Toque.

          Lookin' out for the shopping TR.


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            I got my $50 too, which is going towards a mountain bike for my daughter. Times have changed. In the past that would have been converted right into more climbing/skiing gear.