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  • Lassen mid April trip

    Had some conversation recently with Baaahb and Dostie about a ski trip to Lassen mid April. with a opportunity to invite anyone who is interested in going. So, nothing organized or affiliated but just show up and "run what you brung". Anyway, this is just a preliminary as Dostie and Baaahb are out of town for a while so Baaahb left it up to me to see if there was any interest.

    Dates would need to depend on wither or not the road is open but probably either third or four weekend in April. So, 4-19/20 or 4-26/27 and likely the Friday before too. If you are interested in this or questions then leave a response and I will do the best I can to answer. Baaahb will be back around 4-1 and he will be the lead.
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    Sounds like a great plan, but I couldn't commit to it, since it's a busy time at work for me.

    Were you going to present lodging options, or camp at the south gate?
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      I'll be monitoring this and will make a strong effort to attend. Thanks for floating the idea.


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        Thanks, Q. Count me as interested! My April calendar is full but in flux and it would be great to get a group together up there.
        It's turns! Of course it's worth the hike!


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          I've got some other volcano ski plans in the works, but will make it if possible. I'll keep checking the thread.


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            Interested. Buddy of mine just sent out a massive group email about a trip that weekend too, so we'll see.

            2-3 feet at Bunny Flat as of Friday, by the way. As a gauge.


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              Just had a PM from someone who has a lead on a rental house nearby as well as Guide for those who are interested but not wanting to camp out and/or may want a Guide experienced with the area. So, something for everyone but not a regimented or highly organized trip. More of a meet up and of course you are responsible for your own decisions and safety protocal.
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                I always thought that someday I would make it to the old TTips eastside gathering (was it Virginia Lakes, can't recall the name). But then that stopped happening, I had a kid, yadda yadda yadda. Not going to make this but stoked that y'all are planning something.


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                  A left coast kind of gathering to complement annual TTips Colorado happenings is a great idea, whether a one off like this or eventually repeating (I suppose Telefest at Hoodoo could be seen as kind of filling this role, though it is a substantially larger event). I'm committed to another ski trip targeting the second or third weekend of April and most likely have a trail log out gig the fourth weekend. So will have to pass this year.


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                    WHO will be the lead????

                    I will lead the attack on dinner, for sure. Other than that, yer on yer own to earn yer own. Actually, I suspect there will be a steady stream of folks, IF the road is open. The route both up and down is as straightforward as climbing a volcano.

                    That's climbing to the summit, the main attraction. Lassen also offers a great variety of other touring options.

                    Camping at the south entrance is pretty easy and will likely be dry ground, with warm restrooms and even a functioning cafeteria/snack bar. There are also other camping and lodging opportunities near the entrance. The south campground is convenient and easy but not very scenic, just a forested hillside. Did I say it was easy?

                    Note, there are no dogs allowed off road in Lassen NP. don't even think about it.

                    the weekend of April 12 I intend to check out the eastside but that's a different thread.

                    BTW, I think "Leathers on Lassen" would be a good title for a short film. Could even be a tailored to a mixed audience.

                    I hope to see ya there!
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                      I'm pretty sure I don't have a kid-free pass for any weekend in April, but it's possible I'll come up with the shorty. Or if snow holds on (and road stays closed) until early May, I can come up on my own. No promises, but I'm watching this.


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                        Originally posted by Baaahb
                        That's climbing to the summit, the main attraction. Lassen also offers a great variety of other touring options.
                        In scheduling the trip, I wouldn't worry too much about the status of the road. The peak is a draw--the view is great, there's more vertical, summiting a peak has an inherent satisfaction. But in 7 or 8 years of skiing Lassen in the spring (Memorial Day weekend), my experience is that there's good skiing whatever the status of the road is (it opens in stages). More often than not, the best conditions have been somewhere other than on the peak. Also, I wouldn't count on the road being open to the peak in April even if the snowpack is thin, because Lassen Park Service staffing is seasonal. Opening the road triggers an influx of sightseers, hikers and skiers--meaning the park has to start spending money on staff--which may or may not be in the budget. I have seen the road from the south side clear all the way to the peak, but gated much lower.

                        Also, FWIW, I have never seen anyone skiing with a guide at Lassen. It's not Shasta: much smaller, much lower, no glaciers. As long as there's someone around who's been there a few times and can suggest places to go to those who haven't been there before, a guide would be overkill in my book.


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                          The ridge line from Brokeoff to Lassen has always been more fun for me. You guys are 'prolly going on a weekend - I'll be working.
                          Have fun. Lots of fun lines up there.
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                            This one?
                            Originally posted by jibmaster
                            The ridge line from Brokeoff to Lassen has always been more fun for me. You guys are 'prolly going on a weekend - I'll be working.
                            Have fun. Lots of fun lines up there.
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