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  • OT: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (forum pool swags)

    My guess is the pilot pulled off a "Miracle on the Hudson Captain Scully US Airways Flight 1549 water landing"
    and the 777 is sitting on the bottom of the ocean largely intact. Hence no debris field. Plane has simply "disappeared."

    Question: Why was the plane ditched at sea at night? On board fire?

    Question: Why no evacuation of plane? Fire/smoke/toxic gases had incapacitated the passengers and cabin crew.

    Question: Why did the beacon and other equipment turn off in stages. Plane took hours to sink.

    Question: Is this possible. Pilot had 18,365 hours, was possibly a flight instructor, and had his own basic flight simulator.

    Question: Crew rationale. Die by smoke/fire or drowning or murderous rampage in the passenger cabin.

    Question: Fire accidental from cargo? Or intentional as part of hijacking/terrorist act?

    Major Problem: Why no mayday? Especially in regards to the pilot was planning a water landing at sea and rescue would be needed.
    Fire was the aftermath/result of an attempted hijacking? Engines would have come off in the landing. Self sealing
    fuel lines on 777s?

    What do I win if I am right?


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    If you want to see what professionals (and some wannabe pilots) have to say check out this forum. Professional Pilots Rumor Network.
    Lots of B-777 pilots posting ideas. I flew the B-767 but don't know the systems in the triple-7

    Malaysian Airways MH 370 thread here
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      My theory from day 1 is that it was hijacked for nefarious purposes by the pilot. The Malaysian PD agrees with this now and just raided his home.

      I think the stolen passport carriers were co-conspirators in the heist. I think the plane is somewhere like Pakistan at a remote, terrorist airfield covered up by camouflage.

      Taking it a bit further, I think that the passengers are simply collateral...a sad fact of how extreme terrorism continues to escalate. I don't think they'll find the plane. It will re-emerge 2-3 years down the line, painted differently, and will ambush a western nation hiding in plain sight as a commercial airliner only to crash into something precious again, maybe this time something like the UN building or even the White House.
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        Originally posted by !ski View Post
        What do I win if I am right?
        The headline:

        Unknown pundit on obscure internet forum totally calls it!
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          Found this on the thread chamonix linked. Has any NA news reported on this conversation between a Japanese pilot and the person flying MH370? I'll ask my wife later if Japanese news is reporting this.

          I'm finding it hard not to think this was all the pilots undertaking, going by the timing of events.

          - ACARS was disabled as the aircraft crossed the Malaysian east coast.
          - Aircraft continued on until TOC, whereby their last radio transmission was received as they were handed off to Vietnam? ATC
          - Transponder then is switched off
          There is one extremely important aspect that is never mentioned on really anyones timeline. That is

          0107 - ACARS disconnected
          0121 - Transponder switched off
          0122 - "Alright, Good night"
          shortly after 0130 - Japan Flight makes radio contact with plane
          Between 0130-0145 - multiple eyewitness reports from Malaysia/Thailand border areas (Businessman, Bus Driver, 'Villagers', etc)

          That puts the plane having already turned around (and possibly even over land) when the Japan flight makes it's contact.

          The pilot of that Japanese plane is quoted as saying

          “We managed to establish contact with MH370 just after 1:30 a.m. and asked them if they have transferred into Vietnamese airspace,” the pilot reportedly told New Straits Times. “The voice on the other side could have been either Captain Zaharie (Ahmad Shah, 53,) or Fariq (Abdul Hamid, 27), but I was sure it was the co-pilot."

          He also says there was a lot of static and some communication was mumbled.

          The static is completely normal, the Japanese flight was roughly 30 minutes ahead with both being in poor communication areas. The mumbling is the curious part, but even it could have been heightened because of the poor connection. Plus, the plane was doing its ascent/descent games at this time too.

          The recording of that call is one of the keys to unlocking what might have been going on. I imagine the US now has recording experts trying to clean it up and figuring out what all can possibly be determined.

          But think about it... The Japanese Pilot had to be talking to the hijacker, whoever that may be, or in the very least a person being forced to fly the plane against his will (although the elevation changes right around this time probably means that is possibly unlikely, and I would assume the forced Pilot would try to give indication of there being a takeover - like say insert the emergency code numbers into the conversation or something.)


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            Originally posted by cesare View Post
            Found this on the thread chamonix linked.
            Good job. That thing is 200+ pages!


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              I just read the last three pages.


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                Originally posted by cesare View Post
                I just read the last three pages.
                Ah yes, very good.

                Tried and true Ttalk technique.


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                  Seems to be made up.


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                    Originally posted by aqua toque View Post
                    The headline:

                    Unknown pundit on obscure internet forum totally calls it!
                    It is "Backside Bar & Grill' so pretend for a moment we really are having a beer and nachos and the ski talk has long run out and the next train is in an hour.

                    Or maybe chili and beer after climbing ... where I learned about chili fixings ... onions, cheese, cracker, hot sauce ....

                    Though there was that pilot that committed suicide ... mass murder ... I have thoughts about gassing skiers ... so the whole point was to create a mystery that would never be solved.


                    This is the "boy friend killed her", but it will take a while for the detectives to run down all the false leads and get back to him, until they do catch "the one-armed man."



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                      An interesting theory I heard is that the plane suffered a rapid or explosive decompression, killing or knocking unconscious everyone, and then it continued on autopilot.

                      No doubt whatever caused the decompression could have also fritzed systems like transponders.

                      It may be contradicted by some of the evidence but they're going to be sorting out the evidence and coming with different explanations for months.


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                        Alien abduction in cahoots with JFK's killers.
                        "Nobody ever got my name right." - Me


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                          Originally posted by riser3 View Post
                          Alien abduction in cahoots with JFK's killers.
                          That is looking pretty good as an option.


                          and that landed safely.

                          But then consider:

                          a perfectly air-worthy plane crashed literally in minutes directly by incorrect pilot error.

                          All the technology, and it can still come down to one-person.

                          And if one considers; an air-disaster shares a lot with avalanche safety: A potent mix of chance and skill.



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                            chamonix link watch:

                            Page 270


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                              Good timeline theory here. This pilot knows his stuff.


                              quote from this link

                              This was a very experienced senior Captain with 18,000 hours. Maybe some of the younger pilots interviewed on CNN didn't pick up on this left turn. We old pilots were always drilled to always know the closest airport of safe harbor while in cruise. Airports behind us, airports abeam us and airports ahead of us. Always in our head. Always. Because if something happens you don't want to be thinking what are you going to do - you already know what you are going to do.
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