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Knee pain resolved

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  • Knee pain resolved

    Just thought I'd share some good news on my knees and was wondering if some of you might experience the same issues I was having.

    I've always throught my knees weren't that great and were weak. After skiing or martial arts, my knees would hurt. Mainly the knee cap would feel "irritated". The cap would pop and click as it traveled while walking - felt like my body was creaking. At times I'd walk up some stairs after a weekend of skiing and it would literally feel weak sometimes. What freaked me out the most was that a few weekends ago I would have a sharp shooting pain on the outside of my knees mid-tele turn. The was sharp and short. It didn't ache or swell but it was enough to scare me.

    A couple weeks ago I just happened to be at my cousins house. She's an experienced chiropractor who also does martial arts on the side (her husband is a teacher and also a chiropractor). Took a look at my knees and the diagnosis was pretty quick. She said my knees were actually very strong but all my tendons were tight and maxed out where I didn't have much strength anymore. My quads were strong enough that it pulls hard on the patellar tendon. She showed me how to massage it (very similar to this vid to which I now just use a theracane to do it. The sharp shooting pains were due to an overly tight IT Band. She's also having me massage and focus on stretching my quads as well since they pull on the knee a lot.

    I do all of this regularly now and my knees feel young again. There is some minor clicking in regards to the kneecap, but it's definitely smoother and less severe. I skied all last weekend and have gone back to training in the dojo more often with zero problems so long as I do the massaging. This morning I massaged just one knee to do a comparison between one leg and the other. The unmassaged leg was significantly weaker. I can't do a deep flex without pain in the knee while standing on the one leg. Once the massaging is coimpleted, the strength returns.

    While skiing I can feel the patella tendon tightening. I think it's from the knees being flexed from holding the tele position for some amount of time. Especially when the skis are being pushed backward while it's bouncing around.


    This vid seems pretty good too:
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    Good news. I recently got one of the foam rollers to work on my IT bands and it's amazing how quickly they've improved. Glad you found a solution.


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      Wow. This sounds like me to a T. I'll have to look into it.
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        That is great news! sounds like me, too


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          Cool. Please post your results if you do the cross-friction massage on your patellas. I wouldn't be surprised if everybody suffered from this since Tele requires so much quad strength, and many of you do other sports on top of that.

          One more thing: My cousin rec'd that instead of going out and getting a 20 minute shoulder massage, I should have them work on all the areas I outlined. To that extent, I'm going to seek out a sports masseuse and have them work on me with these specifics (and some other things).
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            Exactly my issue as well. My physio checked out my knee stability and had me do various squats to assess and concluded that leg strength is very good and balanced. The only issue is the tight IT and she recommended a couple of static stretches plus the roller. Seems to work amazingly well. I just got back from a 5 day hut trip with tons of touring and turns and the knees feel great.