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Kid Stoke Thread - all things kids' and skiing

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  • Kid Stoke Thread - all things kids' and skiing

    I noticed that posters like MattB, Tortoise, and others have buried some pretty awesome kid stoke in various regional threads and gear threads.

    I find the Kids Stoke threads both inspirational and full of information re: gear and learning for kids. So, I figured it was time to start a new ski-related one here.

    I know I've already fielded a few PM's about kids touring rigs, Trekker's vs. dedicated rigs, salvage skins, ski school, etc. so let's share that information with other parents.

    And kids' are awesome and photo's of kids having fun in the snow and air are even better... for most of us, anyway...

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    I'll start. A little indoor training ski-school!


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      In Silver Star this weekend (interior BC) for TimberTour/SuperYouth #2. Snow over 4 days was a combination of powder, mank, re-freeze, and corn. So all-in-all, a pretty good 4 days!

      The girl, age 10, was competing with controlled abandon. The boy, age 8, was doing his own thing with reckless abandon.

      Good times were had by all.

      Not a competition:

      Big air comp - shifty/spread combo:

      Not a comp - buttered 180 - very hard to do tele as he laughed at me when I tried:

      Slopestyle comp - take-off for a switch 180; she stuck her first comp one ever:


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        Not a comp - looking for gnar:

        Moguls comp - second jump:

        Moguls comp - going for speed and technique points:

        Not a comp - airing it out:


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          My kid hasn't done any comps, but I bet he'd do alright with something like a free ski comp. He's just more interested in having fun than competing.

          Skiing the steeps of CB with my son's class on a powder day

          He loves the pow and wants me to take him on more tours
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            Here's his GoPro video of his first time down the run Rambo which is said to be the steepest man-made run in North America. He had a little trouble but made a good recovery.
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              Woo hoo, good stuff!

              My 6-year-old is going to be in his first XC race this weekend. And here he is a month or so ago on downhill; it's been a breakthrough year for him:

              Yeah, how about that utter lack of snow everywhere except on the groomed runs...


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                A little ripper....gotta keep up, Dad! My 5 yo does the same to me...slow down for a second and he's gone! Goodonya for teaching him a lifelong activity...


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                  Great pictures WH and MattB
                  here is a video clip of my son in St. Anton last March

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                    The only comp every entered - MattB might recognize this particular venue:

                    Poma the hard way:

                    Hikin' for turns at Monarch:

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                      Backcountry,Click image for larger version

Name:	Molly Climbing 2 Asprin.jpg
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ID:	81347 Earn Your Turns

                      My Daughter, 11 years old.


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                        Great shot Crazy... my son is already planning out our spring B/C campout for this year.

                        Put some video together from our SilverStar weekend.

                        Her mogul comp runs:
                        Two Runs in the mogul course at SilverStar. With a first place out of 10 year olds and 3rd in her category.

                        Those of us not competing (some WH telemark turns included in very gloppy heavy mank... but mostly the boy flying around in the air):

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                          Got done with my skin day and pulled into the local rope tow @ Salmonberry Hill 6 miles out of town. Pretty much a volunteer hill with a few paid staff. Helped open the area in the 80's when I had little kids that age (and skied on Phoenix Torsioncomps with lace up Asolo leathers) They've certainly made some improvements since with grading the slope in the summer and better equipment and shelters. Busy place with some races tomorrow as it's Spring Break. Gonna help with the race so that should be hilarious. If there's anything better than self-skiing, its kids skiing.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Sister and brother…

                          Click image for larger version

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                            My boy and I decided to do something different yesterday so we went out to the XC/MTB trail area and had some fun on the skinnies.
                            There was a good crust on top and you can ski anywhere you want out there right now. Lots of fun features to play on!


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                              Well that's a damn good photo. Good use of the MTB trails.