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A message from Aereo's Founder & CEO!

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  • A message from Aereo's Founder & CEO!

    So odd, Utah crazy spreads to Colorado (I thought Boulder was its own sovereign nation! Liars!)

    On February 25, the District Court in Utah granted a preliminary injunction against Aereo in the Tenth Circuit of the United States, which includes Utah and Colorado. On March 7, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals denied, 2:1, Aereo's request to stay that injunction. This means that for the time being, we will have to cease providing our services to you, our valued customers in the Salt Lake City and Denver markets, beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 8.

    I lived without any broadcast for about 2 years, got Aereo, at first I thought it was dumb, but sometimes nice to catch the news to hear about the traffic on I-70 I missed. (Acquaintance who works for one of the local stations go me to get it.)

    I don't see how a finding by a federal court just applies to Denver and Utah (yes I understand the law; must be Obama, Putin, and Sarah Palin.)

    One could ask why the local broadcasters don't simply supply the same service directly - few dollars a month and stream all the local channels.

    (Oh, cable/satellite deals!)

    I am having "streaming entertainment withdrawal".

    I could be shooting up the news.

    Only so much Netflix and Hulu before I need something to get me down.

    Just like alcohol, coke, and pot.

    Great EARLY spring skiing today - warm, clear, recent snow, and nice cold winter snow.


    PS I was going to ask if NTN Freeride and Freedom share common mount points and bases and any expected changes for next season ...