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Traveling with Airbags

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  • Traveling with Airbags

    Pack it in your check-in luggage. Just causes issues toting it through security.

    At Ted Steven Intenational Airport in Anchorage yesteday.

    "What's this thing?"

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    Wasn't Ted Stevens an airbag?


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      Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like it was an actual avalanche bomb, not an airbag cylinder...
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        Any more word on what this actually was, Matt? I mean what looks more like a pipe bomb? A canister or an actual charge? I read it as a canister was found, perhaps an ABS which has a pyrotechnic trigger. A person licenced to use explosives for avalanche control walking through airport security with a 2 pound charge seems unlikely. So what is the resolution?


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          They've gone into "no more public info til an investigation is… yaddaed… ". We do not have the need to know. Just "certain" people have the right? Not much need for avalanche control on the North Slope that's for sure as that is where this plane was headed.


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            meanwhile, in Canada . . .

            Incredible new details have emerged about a frightening security incident at Edmonton Airport in which a teenager was allowed to board his flight after being caught with a pipe bomb by security staff.
            In a bizarre twist, sources now claim a video of incident shows officers with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority trying to give the explosive device back to him, the Edmonton Journal reports.
            A source told the Journal there is a video of security officials flagging the device — described as a “a six-inch steel pipe containing gunpowder with 4 ½ feet of fuse from either end” — then attempting to give it back to 18-year-old Skylar Murphy.
            The source, who has seen a video of the incident, said security officers can be seen pushing the device back to Murphy in an attempt to return it to him. According to reports, an officer told Murphy “You can keep it.”
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              I watched two guys with Float 32 Airbags, walk down the aircraft aisle on an Air Canada flight from Montreal to Calgary Jan 23. They were banging into the seat backs as they walked down the aircraft..not very polular. I had to ask, " did they let you board with charged cylinders"? I figured they would be the guinea pigs for the security protocol at CYUL.
              They told me, "no the cylinders are empty". They planned to get them charged somewhere in Calgary.

              By the way, the inflatable doors slides have much larger nitrogen cylinders to blow up the chutes.