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one boot for classic and skating xc skiing?

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  • one boot for classic and skating xc skiing?

    A few years ago I thought I would simplify my life and spring for an xc skiing set up that would use one pair of boots and one pair of skis that could accommodate both kick and glide as well as skate. [Living in NYC, I ski only a few times a year and my equipment, fish scales on K & G skis & waxed with 3 pin bindings, could qualify for social security] I was told that one needed 2 full sets of gear, one for each discipline.

    But I just watched the mens Olympic xc event where skiers start classic, then transition to skate. They used the same boot. Does this mean there is a "holy grail" boot/binding? This could translate to 2 pairs of skis /w bindings, 2 pairs of poles, but one boot.

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    Yes, combi boots. Just google xc combi boots.


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      Spend some extra $$$ and find a "Pursuit Boot". These use better materials and perform better than the typical combi boot. I gather that the pursit format is to soon be dropped from the racing stage and there should be some good deals to be had.


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        As Todd saids, get Pursuit boots. These are skate boots with a classic sole. The classic sole is more flexible, so you can undo the skate cuff and flex your ankle like in a low cut classic boot. The somewhat more flexible sole does not compromise skate performance that much.

        Todd, are they doing away with Pursuit races? I know they re-named them Skiatholon (and re-named the Gunderson start races as Pursuit starts), but I had not heard Skiatholons were being done away with. (Although the true things that I have not heard about is a long list.)

        In Sochi Jesse Diggins had a great Skiatholon race, placing 8th (best ever Oly finish for a US woman) and LIx Stephan was 12. In the mens race Noah Hoffman had a good race going until he fell, got up, got hit, and broke a pole.


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          I've even skated recently (and surprising decently) on Crispi Svartisen 75mm + switchback + E109. What only matter is to have a light enough setup, with a short enough ski and no waxless.I cannot skate with T4 boots. Are to stiff to "feel" correctly the ski on the snow preventing long push phases.Combo boots are a good choice. Paired with light waxable BC ski with max 50mm waist would be a good allrounder; kick & glide with gripwax, then scrape off and skate. Pick them shorter than what is on the table for classic use.Cheersgfwp


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            I've got a pair of Fischer Pursuit 9000 boots (SNS compatible) that I'd sell pretty cheap. Size 45/US 11.

            Click image for larger version

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