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  • Lift Touring Baskets - Kickstarter

    Hi folks.

    A friend of a friend in Vancouver has created a pretty cool pole basket for touring. While he is marketing them toward most AT bindings, it's obvious they will work well with most tele setups as well, including the Voile and 22D climbing wires.

    I think it's a pretty good idea, especially after watching Mrs WH occasionally struggle with her F12 and Baron lifters - especially the finesse to get them in the mid-height position.

    I backed a pair for her.

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    Good idea. I hope it's successful for him!


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      That sounds like a good idea, soft plastic in front and stiff in the back. As a tele skier I would have use for a basket that was stiff in the back with a straight edge to scrape off the snow that sticks to my heal risers. You could also scrape off the snow that sticks to the tops of your skis. I wish him luck.


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        I'll pledge a little, but he may want to polish up the CV. Quitting your day job for a minor innovation may be the epitome of 21st century hipster, eh.