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B&D (or other) Ski Crampons for NTN Freedom: Anybody used 'em?

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  • B&D (or other) Ski Crampons for NTN Freedom: Anybody used 'em?

    I just came across B&D Ski Gear's selection of telemark crampons including a model specifically for the Rottefella Freedom NTN binding. They look pretty slick:

    Click image for larger version

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    Have any of y'all used these? Any feedback on your experience with them? Any other suggestions for ski crampons for the Freedom? I'm considering getting a ski crampon setup before a trip to Mt Baker this spring. Would appreciate any insights anybody here can share.

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    I used those last year and they worked fine. They work just like the Dynafit crampons. I would say for me better then fine since they are hinged and I always used the Voile locked ones before. I don't know what else you could use unless you have really big feet and your heel piece is way back. I could not fit the Voile ones with a 28 size boot. I have heard of people mounting the Voile ones in front of the toe but I think these would work much better.

    My only complaint is the fact that you have to drill two more holes on top of the absurd 11 you already have to drill for the Freedoms. I had them on some new DPS Wailer 99 pure skis which were not cheap. I did not like the skis so I pulled the bindings and remounted them with radicals for my son. Looking at a DPS pure ski with 13 holes in them made me feel sick.

    FWIW I might sell mine since I don't use those skis anymore.
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      I use and like them. I usually like them locked down so I also bought the locks (but if you have small feet you'll have trouble fitting them in front of the heel piece).
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        i use b&d's dyafit crampons and like them...


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          I forgot to add that if you are using brakes they can be a bit annoying. They work fine but you have to take the skis off and let the brakes drop before you can put the crampons on the ski. You also need to make sure the brakes don't interfere with the crampons. I have 110 brakes and 105 crampons so they will slide past each other.