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B&D Dynafit/Tele plate - thoughts

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  • B&D Dynafit/Tele plate - thoughts

    Thinking about purchasing the B&D plates so I can mount speed radicals to a ski drilled for tele binders.

    Thought is that it will cost me more to have the dynafits mounted on these skis (k2 piste pipes) and I just want to be able to try them - I picked them up in a trade with someone on the forum. If I don't like skiing the skis, I can pass them on and still keep the plates (and have them in the event I come accross another pair of pre-drilled skis OR just sell them at some point).

    Anyone have any thoughts on these plates (or have a set they want to get rid of???) or this idea...

    here is link to the adapters:
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    I used Bomber's plates to share a pair of Axls between a few pairs of skis. I think they're nice for what you have in mind. For the purpose of reusing mount holes they are an elegant solution, i.e. very little weight penalty, little rise, and often multiple mount positions. Sometimes with the Dynafit plates you can accommodate more BSL than one shell on the heels with little lateral adjustment which is nice. They make the mount cake which is also nice.

    One thing I've always wondered about using the plates with Dynafit is whether or not your heel does have enough adjustment for the holes. For example I have the standard Speed Radical heel and it has about two centimeters of adjustment, but I have a pair of Low Tech heels and they have no adjustment so it would have to be within a millimeter or so to get the proper fit with the tech heel.

    The only real impression these made on me in the situation I was using them is not to count on wanting to switch them all the time like between two daily drivers. I know that's not what you're asking, but it's what sometimes happens with the "swap" plates. Between a super fatty and a DD it's no big deal because you're usually stoked to switch to a 140 waist ski. I wished after that experiment that I would have simply dropped one set up and bought two pairs of bindings. Last idea: check and see if B&D specs the machine screws. Folks were using too long of screws and hitting the top sheet, dimpling it and effectively levering the mount screws back out of the ski.

    One last thing to think about... your patterns on the toes and heels of the tech bindings. Dynafit has used two different toe patterns lately and at least two heels that I know of... make sure your vintage matches what these are designed for probably the original four hole on both - not the Radical toe or Low Tech heel.
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      Good thoughts Matt, thanks.

      Not much to add, but to echo that B & D makes great stuff. However, confirm that the plates are for Radicals. Last time I checked (probably over a year ago), they were not. If they are not, I believe Dobish Solutions is about to come out with one.

      I agree that the plates will serve you beyond the skis and it makes sense for trying them out. I've put Binding Freedom inserts on my skis for standard 4-hole tele (which is what I normally ski). I haven't done it much, but the idea is to allow me to swap around plates all of which are compatible with 4-hole tele that some folks here in Juneau already have, i.e., use a plate some to swap with a 22 Design bindings or another plate to shift the mount location or another plate to try out Dynafits. Basically, more options for playing around while skiing with kids/newbies.


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        dschane, it sounds like we were both probably looking into it last season. I recall that Jon from Binding Freedom also a regular over on TGR was in the process of making some swap plates with the Radical pattern. I think they may be for the Baron/Duke to Dynafit patterns.

        I should dig around the garage and group the Bomber 4-hole to 22 designs 6-hole plates for sale on the swap. I remember attempting it but not having the machine bolts and buyers being worried about spec'ing the right bolts.

        Another benefit is that they're easy to sell second hand. Usually for a small premium you can get in and out of them.


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          just emailed B&D and let you know what I find an aside, my wife and i have a pair of their campons and are happy with them.


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            me: Do the "Dynafit adapter to mount Dynafit bindings on a ski drilled for 4 hole telemark bindings" work with the Dynafit Speed Radicals?

            B&D: yes


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              Cool, thanks for the update shoestring.


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                if anyone is interested in these plates, let me know - don't like the skis I have them mounted on (some sort of K2 park ski I picked up in a trade).


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                  Yes! PM sent