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  • Boot Crampon Issue...

    I have big feet,... I had a deal for some used crampons in the works for a good price but that fell though...

    That brand, Petzl's, has really good information on their site and it's easy to figure out that I needed the long center bars so the crampons would fit my boots. If I go with the Petzl's, (with the automatic toe bail) I am paying retail $173. no matter where I look. The 10 point petzls won't fit my boot size even with the long center bars, so I am stuck with only 2 choices in that brand

    I am looking at a bunch of other crampons online and the sizing information is confusing for both the Camp crampons and the grivels...

    .... Maybe someone here can help me understand how the euro measurement is tranlated into the "inches" measurement that the below photo from the Camp website shows.
    Click image for larger version

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    How are they measuring the crampons?... My 30.5 bootsole only measures 13 1/8th inches. I don't get how their crampon size can cover the range of 36 - 47cm, or the conversion of 14 - 18.5 inches if they are also measuring boot sole....

    Click image for larger version

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    I don't get it. The only way it would make sense is if they meant 36 - 47 EURO size, which would seem like the closest scale... Of course the translation of 14 - 18.5 inches is gigantic boot sizes starting at about mondo 32 and going upward from there....

    Anybody know WTF the deal is?.... Grivel also has the same scale on their site but don't feel the need to label it "euro" and their largest size is "47", which would be 1/2 size too small anyway. Their information on their "long bars" contains no information other than a picture.

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    When I wanted crampons to fit my tele boots (for a Haute Route trip years ago) I went to the local climbing store, Climb High with my boots. Then tried on everything they had..


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      Japan sizing IS Mondopoint, so I don't understand the discrepancy between Japan/Korea and Mondopoint. 36-48 is Euro sizing.

      I don't see a BSL line in there at all, which is what you would think crampon manufacturers would want to align to. Problem there is BSL is only used on ski boots. I seriously doubt there has ever been a production crampon for a boot 18.5 inches long.


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        The info on the website was confusing, so I called and asked the salesperson to take a 30.5 ski boot and try it in the crampon for me.. IF it fits, I will order it on the spot. After a few minutes the person comes back to the phone and says they don't have a 30.5 boot in the shop... The salesperson was ernestly trying to help me. I have no complaints about that, but unless I was buying petzls or black diamonds, my boot size put me in a grey area for 2 other brands. The option of going to a local shop with my boots means I am paying retail... I have a hard time doing that when I probably could get away with an older version of the Camp aluminum crampons in the picture I posted for about half the price. I would get half the price, half the weight and twice the headache if they don't fit my boots... I think I am going just order the camps and hope... Thanks for the feedback..
        the fall line is your friend.... resistance is futile