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  • The E109/E99 thread


    I'm really so sorry to have pested the SB thread with a totally unrelated discussion on my ski setup, that I'd like to split that here.

    About the T4/Switchback/E109 (waxable) pairing, as somebody stated, it is important to understand the goal. Well the goal of this combination is:

    • Prepared alpine, from blue to up to deepest black (icy)
    • Backcountry up to 25 degree, up and down. Up with skins, I'll adapt Intelligrip skins, I love them a lot since you can leave them on pointing down if the snow is particularly fast.

    E109 paired with SNS/NNN BC are, in my opinion, underpowered. E99 will pair with SNS/NNN BC well, not the E109. E109 cries for some kind of 75mm bindings.

    The T4 are justified by the needs of the steep icy prepared terrain, but I guess I'll buy some leather boots for the backcountry.

    Until now I've tested the driving on lift assisted prepared alpine. As said, wonderful ski. Despite the camber (at least single cambered, but I would guess 1 1/2 camber) they turn very well. They do not shake, nor do any nasty unpredictable behaviour like often foam skis do. I drive slow/moderate speeds, I cannot say how the perform at high speed, but actually if somebody wants speed may choose another setup, with safety bindings.

    My wife also agrees about these good downhill performance; she was a former member of regional alpine racing team, so her judgement is valuable.

    Avalanche risk are too high right now to test backcountry properties. I'll report that later, probably in march.



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    Keep experimenting...We go with pins, makes it easy to switch from one ski to the next....It's pretty amazing what can be done with so little....Have a blast...we are...TM