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    Who would you look to for intermediate / advanced telemark lessons in north Tahoe?

    My lady is beginning to be an intermediate tele skiier, still with one strongly dominant turn (former snowboarder, her right turns look good, but left turns need help). I'd call myself a strong intermediate, but not expert - I can get down most pitches, though not always gracefully. We are both looking for instruction in better tele technique to push our own respective knee-dropping limits.

    We asked at the Squaw office; sounds like they could set us up with a private for an arm and a leg, but it don't get the sense the KSL ski-instruction-machine is optimized for advanced telemark. Alpine Skills International comes to mind, and their rates look pretty good if you already have a SB pass, which we don't. Who would you call? Any of you have experience teaching advanced telemark?

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    ASI is definitely the option that comes to mind (Lorenzo Worster is probably the dude you'd want, although I'm sure they have other excellent people).

    Back in the day (circa 8-10 years ago) a dude named Hilaree Larkin taught tele at Alpine. Might be worth looking him up. I haven't kept up with who's teaching lately.


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      Look up Jason Layh at Alpine Meadows. He coaches the kids tele team. Depending on availability he'd be happy to teach you and definitely could help for advanced tele techniques.

      Concur on ASI for tele lessons as well. Lorenzo be da man.

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        Can't go wrong with Lorenzo.

        Walter Edberg - Alpine Meadows. Walter's a-fricken-mazing. If you've got the Squalpine pass, it's a no brainer. It was like 2hr lesson for $89 last year I think. I'm def gonna take advantage of it this year.

        If you have a Northstar Pass, Aaron Pearlman and/or Will Ortman at their Nordic Center. They run the center together. Aaron is the current PSIA-Far West chief tele examiner. Something to keep in mind: they do a discounted tele camp every saturday (IIRC). Best deal for instruction as far as I'm concerned.

        Walter, IIRC, was a former chief examiner in the past.

        Considering that you're a high intermediate and she's a high beginner, a day at the tele camp is a winner - hands down. $82/pp for all day instruction. Very hard to beat. If you guys are big differences in skill sets, they'll split you up and give you some more focused attention.
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          Definitely get thee to Alpine Meadows. There are some ripping tele kids on the team there and would second any recommendation to talk to the coaches.


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            Michael Selby might still be doing private lessons in the Mount Rose area. Here is his website:
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