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Aug/Sep Shasta Turns?

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  • Aug/Sep Shasta Turns?

    I am thinking of heading up to Shasta to get in some turns on Sat & Sun this weekend. I would head in from Brewer on the NE side and camp on the mountain on Saturday evening. I would be heading up there from Placerville. Anyone want to carpool or meet up that way?


    "Brewer Creek Trailhead: OPEN. Summit passes and wilderness permits are available at the trailhead. The bathrooms are open and packout bags are available inside. The route is in pretty good shape for climbing that is. A good boot pack has developed in some areas from increased traffic on this route. Suncups and patchy textured snow will be found below 10,000 ft. Water is periodically available from snow melt along the 9,500 bench. Dirt/rock platforms are available for dry camping. The traverses at the top of the Hotlum/Wintun snowfield and onto the summit bound ramp has completely melted out. Good cramponing will be found in the early morning and an ice axe and helmet are necessary. Always keep an eye out for rockfall."

    I'd also consider going in from Northgate.

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    B- You are a serious jonser!

    I was at Brewer Creek in early July and it was great and all, but sheeesh, it's not going to be any better now. Give it a rest will ya?

    That said, I'm tempted.


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      Don't do it man.
      I hiked/climbed Hotlum/Bolum less than 3 weeks ago and the north side was pretty much unskiable.
      You'd have to carry your skis to the "glaciers" and those are beyond suncupped. The cups were more like body-swallowing pits that were re-freezing solid every night. I'm sure it could be descended on skis, but I wouldn't want to. Maybe Brewer Creek is better, but that side of the mountain was done for skiing until something freshens it up.


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        Thanks for the motivation. Now I definitely want to go.

        The weather looks much better for an attempt this weekend from Brewer. I skied over (into, through, under?) some of those neck-deep, hardened penitentes last September atop the Wintun. The only way to navigate them was to ensure that your skis were perpendicular to the snow fins. That was the probably the worst ski condition I have been subject to. The only thing I've slid over that was even close to as bad was a field of glassy chickenheads I encountered on Bachelor a while back.

        A few thousand feet of good sliding still existed below the fins.

        Click image for larger version

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          I'd meet you at Shasta to recon a little. Send me a PM if you're interested.


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            I am plotting to ski it in a day on Sunday, most likely starting around 3am from Brewer after a few hours of car camping sleep.

            I expect about 2500' of dry ground, a thousand or two feet of deep fun cups, a few thousand feet of decently smooth snow, and at least a grand of glacial diaper rash at the top.


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              I could've probably pulled that off, but all my ****e is in storage for a few more days until we close on a house. Maybe next time. I'm within striking distance now, so I'm certainly game. Best of luck and enjoy it. There are whitewater releases on the Pit this weekend too. That would've made for a hell of a weekend.