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Info needed on Jackson/Teton NP xcd

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  • Info needed on Jackson/Teton NP xcd

    I have a quick trip to Jackson next weekend; all my time up there is spoken for (kids ski racing) except for half a day on Thursday. I was thinking about doing some XCD type touring (i.e., flatish, but not a groomed nordic area). Any suggestions? Are there trails along the river or around the lakes in Teton NP that are good for skiing? Thanks for the help.

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    There is a trail along the river on both side of 22. They are groomed but not very often. They are very flat and more of a classic / skate trails in rough shape. They are also insanely crowded with hikers and dogs. The one going N only goes a few miles but the one going South goes a lot further. If I were you I would head up the road from Teton Village past where the road closes and in to the park. I imagine there are other trails that head out of Moose in the park but have not been on them in the winter.

    All the lakes I am aware of are pretty far in from where you can park in the winter. Another thought if you are staying in the town of Jackson is to head up Cache Creek Road. I have not been up there in the winter either but it might be more quiet then the river trail although it is more like a 7 percent grade up until you turn around. If no one else has a better idea I would call Skinny Skis and ask them.
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      here of course is the source of all the info you need on nordic touring in the west.

      From the Taggart Lake trailhead in TNP, you can head up rolling terrain to the lake, or follow a groomed track to and past Jenny Lake, or make your own track in any direction. Awesome views abound.

      You can also do some xcd touring heading south from Teton Pass, where the cool kids hang.

      And lots of other options.

      Skiing on the Moose Wilson road is very convenient from Teton Village. but you don't get the awesome Teton views.
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        You can get to the Taggert Lake trailhead in a car in winter? I thought the road was closed just outside of Moose and Teton Village.

        Edited to add: never mind it looks like it is just around two miles from the closure to Taggert.
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          Just did a very fun high tour along these lines. Its an early season ritual for me. A bit more than a half day - we did it in 5 hours - 7.5 miles total.

          Start at the top of Teton Pass and climb the bootpack on the north side of Teton Pass to the top of Mt Glory. Ski north along the high ridge to Phillips Pass via the Great White Hump. Fun low angle 2 mile (10 - 15 degree) slope down to Phillips Pass. Then head back south briefly down into the head of Phillips Canyon and then contour south south-west via a cut summer trail back up to the bench below Ski Lake. Follow the well-used snowmobile / ski tracks back to the Phillips Canyon trailhead which is a couple miles down the east side of the pass from the top.

          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by Baaahb View Post
            nee, Whiteout


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              ^^^^^Wow, Baaahb....looks like the perfect resource for the guy! I second the idea of tours south of the top of Teton Pass. Also, Mail Cabin Creek on the Idaho side is a great place to tour.


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                Thanks everyone; more good options here than I have time.