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    At some point I'm going to need a snowblower. Any recommended models or brands? Yeah, I know gas is more powerful and I live in a high snow area, but I'm only interested in electric. Reasons are mostly noise, exhaust and size and a little about the environment. Thanks.

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    Electric snowblowers, their first couple of albums were great but then they sold out.

    Sorry, I got nothing useful.


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      i'll sell you my gas powered for a good price. haven't needed it the past two years, working on three. Free delivery

      I wonder how well one of those would work on some of our 37 degree F "powder" that falls from time to time?
      I've seen electrics do fine on 4" of fluffy snow, but we can sometimes measure our white stuff in feet and liquid content in double digits.

      There are lots of videos on youtube. Looks like Toro makes one and another one called the Snow Joe seems popular. One thing that surprised me is that according to the videos, they are not quiet. Maybe not loud like a 6 hp motor, but certainly not quiet like a Pruis at a stop sign.


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        Here me now and believe me later: Honda!
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        ain't no turn like tele!


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          Yeah, electric = useless crap. Do you want to save the planet or clear your driveway? Might as well use a broom....but suit yourself.


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            If a gas-powered thousand-plus dollar machine is the only viable option then I guess I'll wait a few more years. But, berg, ask me again if we get three 4-foot dumps in a row.


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              Our snow isn't as deep or heavy but I'm still using the hippy snowblower. You can power it with beans and rice (or cheeseburgers).
              I figure it gives me a good workout too. Been getting lots of use the past couple of weeks!
              Click image for larger version

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                Hahaha! So glad I stopped by and caught this! First of all, the image of Baaahb, the Dickless Wonder, shopping for electric snowblowers is absolutely priceless.

                But this....this is one for the ages:

                Originally posted by Baaahb
                If a gas-powered thousand-plus dollar machine is the only viable option then I guess I'll wait a few more years.
                Having trouble scraping up the $1,500 for a snowblower, Baaaahb? Good grief, aren't you like a sixty year old attorney? Where the **** did your career go off the rails? Are you gonna get a second job waitressing? You're such a worthless bag of wrinkled old skin.


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                  Ah willy, I was beginning to wonder if you cared.

                  Nah....I am a miser, but expense is the least of the issues.

                  The missus and I actually like shoveling snow. (Am I lucky, or what?) But I'm savvy enough to recognize that we have not been fully Sierra-tested.

                  I can see myself today getting a less expensive electric blower and fiddling with it, trying it out, but a big gas machine just adds another layer of headache. I'm not there yet. Maybe best to wait and, when I go, go BIG.


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                    Anybody who "likes" shoveling snow hasn't shoveled much snow.


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                      You almost got a tongue twister there but not quite.

                      Funny, a guy in upstate New York telling a guy in Tahoe he hasn't shoveled much snow


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                        Actually, I may have something useful. Have you looked for a used blower? I too am a miser, and while the big $2K machine was worth its expense and more at my old house (long steep driveway, up on the hill where it snows a lot), I now live in town. I picked up a used smaller gas powered model from the local small engine repair guy for about $300. It works great for the shorter driveway and smaller snow depths at the new place in town. It is loud as Hell, however.

                        FWIW, I like shoveling snow. It is like going to the gym, but is outside. The problem is that the times that a lot of snowshoveling is required seem to inexplicably coincide with powder days, and at that point I have better things to do than shovel for an hour.


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                          I like it too. To a point.
                          On powder days I often just leave it in the morning and go skiing (as long as the car can get out, I also might just make two tire tracks to get out on). Then when I come back I shovel while still in my ski clothes. I then have to deal with the packed part from driving on it to go skiing, but when it's cold and dry here it doesn't pack that bad anyway. I like to have a few tasks as possible between me and a powder day.


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                            Originally posted by Baaahb
                            You almost got a tongue twister there but not quite.

                            Funny, a guy in upstate New York telling a guy in Tahoe he hasn't shoveled much snow
                            You've lived in Tahoe for about 45 minutes, douchebag, so stop with the posing. My driveway, which is 300 feet long, sees quite a bit of snow. The Adirondacks are not really considered "Upstate New York" - that's more like Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo. I live in the "Northcountry". You'd last about a week up here. You and your electric snowblower.


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                              Yeah, cut it out Baaahb. There's only room in here for one supreme poser.