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TTS heel lever versus Scarpa F1 heel lever

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  • TTS heel lever versus Scarpa F1 heel lever

    Just test mounted TTS on a 2x6. Hardwire springs/heel and Scarpa f1 boots. Those boots have that huge metal lever on the back that cinches the wire for the top strap...and sticks way back. The binding heel throw barely makes past the loading point...I'll call it...before hitting. Is there a better binding heel throw I could switch in, or do I have to strap the heel throw to the boot?

    Hey B,...aren't you skiing these f1s?
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    You know, you read all this...stuff...maybe not all the comments...or you did and it doesn't stick cuz it doesn't matter then. Right here in Earn your Turns, "Dynafit goes bi-sensual":

    "The problem with telemarking in F1s is that the large bump on the back of the boot for the cuff lock lever. That complicates a positive heel lever connection. Mark Lengel says his new heel levers are better, but he says even they don't fit the F1 bump all that well. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to get around if you have a hacksaw and some sandpaper. I carefully cut off the top of a normal G3 lever so that it fits below the bump - and use a strap (attached using the screw on the lever) to give some leverage in popping it on. Works great"

    Other approaches? If yours, how do you park this strap when heel throw is off in tour mode?
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      It works, but yeah it barely stays on, kinda depends on the tension.

      You can use any heel throw that'll attach to the wire.

      I don't think the propritary heel throw is all that, it is sized too large for the wire so it rattles around, and the profile will not work well with certain boots (F1).


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        If using in terrain where a fall would not be good I run a Voile strap around my boot and the stock Black tts lever. I have been using my orange TX boots more frequently than F1s with TTS.


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          Bump; it's cold enough.

          I just removed the lever from the equation and put on a nylon wire clamp and it's a nice weight saver. Obviously, if you don't love yer walk mode for the down, it's not for you.

          Click image for larger version

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