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  • Directions to Eastside

    This was a thread of some length about this subject on Ttips, involving turns at orange rusted cars and yellow refrigerators, and, with the move, I now seek that beta.

    What's the quickest way to 395 south coming from Woodfords?

    And, is that generally considered the quickest way to Bishop from the SLT Y? What's the drive time on dry roads?


    Inquiring Minds

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    I usually turn right from 88 onto 756 - Centerville Ln and followed it to Waterloo road. Another option which I have done without realizing it, is to take Dressler road from Centerville Ln. The Dressler road option looks shorter, but may be a more recent road as the subdivisions there have expanded.
    I think it's the quickest from SLT and Meyers. From the Y it may be quicker to go over Kingsbury grade to Waterloo.

    Hey, any skiable white stuff up there yet? Dostie is going BC ice skating, not sure if this is a snow dance or he is serious....
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    I heart filthy, stinky "hippies", although isn't mchin a Doctor or something like that? Hardly qualifies as a "hippie" IMHO...


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      Thanks, Mark. We got about 4 inches and now have less. Hopes are on tonight -- it's starting to clowd up.


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        Google maps actually gives directions via Centerville Road, or did the last time I looked.

        I assume this is a winter question. In the summer, or whenever Monitor Pass is open, I'm pretty sure the quickest way from Meyers, or at least our part of it, is via Monitor (unless you slow down unnecessarily for the curves ).