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  • ARVA or Pieps

    I am looking for a new transceiver. I have a Tracker DTS. I want more range and a flag function for multiple burials. I wanted to get a Mammut but I can't get any deals on them. I can get a real good deal on ARVA and Pieps so I am looking at the ARVA Neo or the Pieps DSP Pro. I am leaning to the ARVA since it was designed with Mammut and appears to be more user friendly.

    Any thoughts on these?

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    Great table comparing beacons with links to reviews of them at the bottom can be found here:

    It also looks like BCA is now selling the Tracker 3. Anyone with information on that one?


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      Thanks, that is where I got most of the information so far. They have very good and detailed reviews. There is a good ARVA review on this site.

      It it appears you can buy the Tracker 3. I like BCA but can't get any deals yet on the Tracker 3 and wonder how long before I would be comfortable buying one considering all the software bugs they had.
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        I was looking last year and was really impressed with the Pulse. It was between the Pulse and the S1+ for me at the time, but the Pulse seemed way smoother to me. I didn't really look at the Pieps, BCA or Arva for much the same reason you ARE looking at Pieps and Arva: pro-deal.

        I know it doesn't really answer your question, but them's my thoughts on beacons right now. I ended up spending money elsewhere, but if I do shell for a beacon this year it will be a Pulse.


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          You might want to check out the new Pieps Sport, (formerly the Tour). Comes with some new technology and at a very fine pricepoint. Does not have the scan feature of the Pro, but looks like a solid beacon. We bought a fleet for this year's program and find the processor is quite quick.


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            I'm taking a serious look at the Pieps Pro. BD just released them and the price is reasonable. Been super happy with my DPS over the past years but its getting near the end of it's snow life and has had two upgrades. I have done a number of field test with it against other brands and Pieps is just hard to beat for ease of use and great range, and included a video game that I don't play.


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              VT. I believe the faster processor and a whole range of other improvements (plus a fourth antenna) do make this a good choice. See for some interesting changes...


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                Originally posted by rebob
                VT. I believe the faster processor and a whole range of other improvements (plus a fourth antenna) do make this a good choice. See for some interesting changes...
                Wow, some great upgrades to an already very good product. Happy with my DPS tour except worrying about accidentally snapping the switch off when extended (unlikely but possible it seems) and being aware of the magnet issue. Sounds like a no-brainer on the new models.

                James, I am assuming you have looked at Craig's reviews, wildsnow, and outdoorgearlab? Good info from all three IMO.


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                  This is where mine broke. I have to admit to more natural wear and tear, pulling in and out of harness many times, etc….Worn enough that my thumb pressure has worn the wording off.

                  It doesn't affect the operation and I double check it at times. It has slipped once since it broke last season sliding it in and out of the harness with too much determination I suspect. You have to be careful. Also the display lens is cracked, but clear taped. That happened awhile ago. Works fine, but need a new one.

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Problem solved. has $100 off the Mammut Pulse with free shipping.

                    Thanks for the feedback.