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NTN Mounting in the NYC area?

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  • NTN Mounting in the NYC area?

    Does anyone know a good shop in the NYC area that can competently do NTN mounting? I ski mostly at Huntah so anywhere in the Catskills is also an option.

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    Do it yourself, easy and fun.

    Binding Mount How To I wrote
    NTN Paper template


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      I lived in NYC & I just mounted myself when I was there. Not difficult


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        The posted template will not work with the current models of NTN bindings.
        I believe a6 hole template is available on as well, although I think there are two generations of 6 hole mounting pattern as well so be careful.
        you should have gotten a template in the box with your bindings (if they were new that is...)


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          Thanks for all the tips and encouragement to do my own mounting. I have mounted pins before with pretty good results and am sure I could do a decent job. The idea of a mount that uses a jig soothes my neurotic fear of doing things wrong. I did find a place in the metro area that can do it, REI in East Hanover, NJ for $65. Now I just have to choose between my neurotic fears and fundamental cheapskateness.