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TR: Some meadow skipping

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  • TR: Some meadow skipping

    I was away for a few days and when I got back it was all snowy here! So with the afternoon off after flying in around lunch time I had to go for a little ski.
    I went to Mill Creek which is a traditional XC area that typically gets groomed for skate and classic. But around here it's still hunting season so some of the roads are still being driven and there's no grooming. There is a track so I did a nice little loop that included some gladed turns onthe way back to the car. Not deep but nice settled pow that was pretty supportive and fun to ski.
    I was on the BC 110/Switchback/T3 rig. Fun and perfect for this kind if skiing, but I'm not sure if the T3s will work out long term, I may need to spend a little more money for comfort if I can't get these boots dialed.

    First I had to stop and grab a photo of this bald eagle hanging out near the road. That's Carbon Peak and the spoon chute in the background. I'll be skiing that in the spring (S facing).

    IMGP0905-Edit by, on Flickr

    Next a little scenery on the climb up the rutted road. It will be nice when it's closed and groomed.

    IMGP0917-Edit by, on Flickr

    Finally, the goods. I skied a few laps of this kind of thing. Maybe 2-300' vert per lap. Pretty fun!

    IMGP0920 by, on Flickr
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    Lovely area...good times! Thanks again, Matt.

    I did a XCD tour last weekend in the Selkirks...lots of new snow...snowpack is beginning to get some depth and settled base. Not quite ready to go, but very close. Up in the Cabinets, near my house, a snotel site is reporting 50+"...I'll try and get that this weekend but it is a long way from an easy access road.
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