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PSA: Climbing Skin Reglue

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  • PSA: Climbing Skin Reglue

    Somebody posted the question recently, but this deserves its own thread. Where can you get climbing skins reglued?

    If you know a shop that does, please include it below.

    In the Tahoe area a local guide with Alpine Skills International has stepped up to fill the hole in the market. He's one of the few people I know who retires his skins because he wears the plush out, 'cuz he reglues his skins regularly and has the process down pat.

    If you need to reglue your climbing skins and aren't willing to do a test run on your own pair, not to mention avoiding the toxicity of stripping the glue, give Tim Dobbins a shout - er, an email, to work out the details.

    You can reach him at Tell him Dostie sent you.

    ain't no turn like tele!

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    Summit Bike & Ski in Bozeman, MT will reglue skins. I've always reglued my own skins, but from my friend's skins I've seen it looks like they do a good job.