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XC Set-up for a 5 Year Old

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  • XC Set-up for a 5 Year Old

    I'm looking for a set-up for my 5 y.o. son to enable him to XC ski/walk with me on the trails. It doesn't necessarily have to be a real XC set-up...just something where he can ski or shuffle along with strapping something to his snow boots. Cheap is essential. Any suggestions?

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    Selection is kind of sparse for this age. For 3 to 4, the strap-on ski rig (we had Karhu K-Boom, probably available as some other brand and model now; edit: they're now Madshus Snowpups) is good, but by age 5 the boot-binding arrangement is just too sloppy. We have a set of Alpina XC skis, with Salomon SNS Profil junior bindings. The Alpinas are a tad wider and softer than the Fischer kids XC skis, which I certainly consider a plus. I would rather see wider than that, but that ski category doesn't seem to exist for that age.

    As for boot-binding systems, SNS is just about it. The Profil Junior bindings seem to be identical to regular Profil bindings, but have a much softer pivot, which was ideal for age 4-5, but I can see needing to change out the binding soon as at age 6 or so, as it's too free-pivot with the bigger boots. I think 3-pin boots start to be available for age 6 to 7. I have no interest in the Garmont junior excursion (which he'd fit into the smallest size now at age 6) as practically speaking they're just stiff plastic boots, with not a lot of practical flex in the smallest sizes, with no release binding, and which let him fall forward more easily.

    As for "cheap is essential", well, try rental closeouts at XC centers end of season. And note that all this stuff is cheap compared to adult gear.

    Get skins for starting XC; nothing fancy, I was able to cut one of my old skins in half and stitch on a tip loop on the piece that didn't already have a tip loop. No tail attachments; the kid isn't going to be climbing 35 degree skin-tracks.

    For taking a kid out into backcountry, I've had success bringing two separate ski rigs, XC with skins for uphill, and his downhill gear for downhill. Hey, you're going slow anyway, might as well carry a full pack with skis strapped on.

    Uphill mode:

    Downhill mode:
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      When my son was younger we put him on some of those XC skis that work with snow boots.
      It was perfect for shuffling around the yard and stuff like that.
      They were an earlier incarnation of something like this:
      Click image for larger version

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      I got them for free and then passed them along again when he grew out of them. Chances are you could find a similar deal if you looked.


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        thanks Bobs! very helpful...

        you, too matt....thanks!
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