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  • Netflix On-Demand Thread

    Ehhh...just figured the forum needed one of these to be legit. There's a lot on demand that seems good but that's their job, right, to make it seem good. So much that glitters but so little gold. Whatcha got...I mean, that's really good, must see.

    It's not on demand I just put "North Face" back on top of my queue. No, it's not about puffy jackets and waterproof pants. About the competition to climb the north face of the Eiger in the 30's.

    Also not on demand but just watched the German "Stalingrad" (from 1993). Very interesting, particularly as a German film, "must see" only if you're into war films. It's also fascinating how the lead, Thomas Kretschmann, has made a career in portraying Nazis. An interesting bio, too, an almost Olympic swimmer who defected from East Germany.

    OK, so maybe it's the not-on-demand thread. Sue me.

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    I find handy for seeing what is new and shiny.


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      Speaking of German films, "Downfall" about the last weeks in Hitlers Bunker, as the Russians advance on Berlin. Excellent, even my teenage son sat riveted on the couch, watching it.


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        Other than basic cable and football, all of my watching is netflix, the usual suspects.

        In no particular order, shows I currently watching or recently finished:
        Orange is the New Black
        Parks and Rec (I'm glad people convinced me to stick with it past season 1)
        Breaking Bad (duh)
        The Walking Dead
        The League
        Archer (holy crap do I love this)
        House of Cards (I preferred the West Wing for political drama, but still good)


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          Sorta like Danno - except no cable. Brother-in-law was in this past weekend and was trying to figure out how to get ABC in... told him I couldn't help him since we hadn't turned on "regular" network TV in months. Currently wading through "Weeds" which is decent - funnier early... has kinda jumped the shark in later seasons. But I'll finish it out. Breaking Bad - warning: they don't have the final 1/2 season or whatever it is.

          Comedy selection is decent. Jim Gaffigan and Tom Papa are f***ing hilarious.


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            Originally posted by Danno View Post
            Other than basic cable and football, all of my watching is serials
            I've only recently gotten into watching TV serials...[other than 45 years ago during the golden age of sitcoms]....I don't think I have the patience/commitment to watch them as they unfold on a weekly basis, but enjoy them when available on demand...ands till making our way through West Wing. Do you prefer them to a good movie? IMO a good movie still has a higher quality and consistency...though they don't last as long. Do you think they are supplanting movie drama...pushing all movies into the big budget blockbuster or bust category?
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              Best series we have seen from Netflix is "Lie to Me." Very disappointed when it ran out. Love to know why that series was killed, 'cuz it was killer! Love the number of movies available on demand. May not be as current as we would like, but so few of the current flicks manage to intrigue the Misses and I, so the oldies and classics are good enough.

              ain't no turn like tele!


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                Danno's list plus:

                arrested development
                west wing
                the fall

                missing south park episodes. the wife still bemoans the fact that we can no longer watch an episode or two each night.

                and really for any arrested development fan, you have to give Archer a try. Do it. Do it! DO IT!!!


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                  c'mon people, we can do better than this. short (~22min) comedies:

                  It's always sunny in Philadelphia
                  Bob's burgers
                  Better off Ted (only 2 seasons)


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                    Ok, didn't watch this on Netflix but it was on demand on Charter.

                    Big Fan

                    I guess you would call it an art film, but I think most art films are boring. This is very well done. Very simple story, very simple execution but IMO a filmmaker can learn a lot by it. For instance, how he uses simple shots (such as a driving by a wall) to create the mood, and by how much he leaves unsaid but inferred. (f'r'instance, the fan's strategy to get the investigation dropped)

                    And awesome social commentary.


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                      Spoiler alert!

                      At the end of Downton Abbey:Season 3 they kill off Matthew!


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                        Oh no!!!!!!
                        Originally posted by aqua toque View Post
                        spoiler alert!

                        At the end of downton abbey:season 3 they kill off matthew!

                        Lift served and proud of it.


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                          On Hulu this weekend. Korean cinema rocks.
                          Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                          Fantastic new martial arts movie from Korea with amazing stunts. "War Of The Arrows" trailer is about an archer who risks his life to save his sister from sl...
                          Lift served and proud of it.


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                            Wait...did North Korea kill Matthew?


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                              Originally posted by aqua toque View Post
                              Spoiler alert!

                              At the end of Downton Abbey:Season 3 they kill off Matthew!

                              Ya, that;'s why I didn't watch season 4...
                              "Nobody ever got my name right." - Me