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Alpina Alaska or Crispi Svartisen - reviews?

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  • Alpina Alaska or Crispi Svartisen - reviews?

    Has anyone so much as laid hands on either of these boots, or actually skied them? Information is sparse on the interweb (even on the old site) and I need to replace my Fischer BCX 675, which my feet have taken a beating in over the past three seasons. I’d be very happy if either the Alaska or Svartisen were comparable to the 675’s in terms of support and sole stiffness, as I find they strike a good balance between kicking around while also making some great tele turns when the stars align. I was willing to switch to the Salomon system last season, but after trying on the X-adv 8 the fit just wasn’t there (too much heel movement the main sticking point). My main use for these boots is meadow skipping, be they roadside haunts or a long ways in on unplowed roads. While I could, and still might, make a 6 hour return trip to try on the Alaska’s (I did that when I bought the Fischer’s), I am most interested in the Svartisen as the construction looks solid, and I’m hoping the strap over the instep will really help against heel lift. The Svartisen is still only available in Europe though and I’m hesitant to order a pair.

    I really am looking for boots strictly in the leather/soft synthetic category (75mm or system), as I already have a pair of Excursions and they just aren’t my preference right now (I expect to use those mostly at the ski hill while my little one learns to slide). And I still have dynafits+voile chargers for other sorts of tours. But really, hero conditions on light gear have brought me more joy than I’ve experienced sliding on snow in a long time, and the non-hero days definitely give me something to work towards!