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    I usually try and support my local brick and mortar stores, but occasionally when I'm looking for a certain item and they don't have it I turn to the internet. I know there were a bunch of rumors about STP ownership changing, but I must say the customer service is still tops. I ordered a jacket and when it didn't fit, they instantly credited me to send out another and paid for shipping back. This after allowing me to cash some crazy coupon that got me 40% of the whole order that was already a good deal with free shipping. They've had a bunch of killer coupon deals floating around through email and social networking. If you've been worried about the "new" customer service, don't be.

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    Thankfully, STP is my local bricks and mortar store. It is very, very dangerous to be on their coupon mailing list.


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      There's a great second hand store in Leadville, Community Threads. My wife and I started a buy a piece / sell a piece strategy last year. I should start it back up. Our new place has too little closet space and too many clothes.


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        STP is one of my favorite outdoors stores on the planet. I have a bunch of stuff from them and I love their return policy. In fact, I'm sending a fleece jacket back to them today. (Kept 2 of them though.)


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          Originally posted by Baaahb
          Thankfully, STP is my local bricks and mortar store. It is very, very dangerous to be on their coupon mailing list.
          Agreed. I think I could spend a couple hundred bucks there at any given time. The additional discount on top of their prices are a steal. Lately they're in some kind of reciprocal marketing arrangement with Naked Wines out of Napa. Anybody given that a whirl?


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            Re:STP I've found some good deals and haven't noticed any difference now that it's not family owned. I do wish they would stop sending me 3 emails/day. I don't have that much discretionary income. I made the mistake of signing up with their "other" outlet, Derailed, and now I'm getting around 2/day from them!?!?!


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              They send those coupons out so frequently that I just block them until I want to buy something. Seems every day or two there's one on FB or in my email.

              It would be interesting to hear an employee perspective of any changes made since the sale. I was talking to a retired employee from a huge local company recently and he was reminiscing the corporate take over. They started out pretty slow. Two or three sales and liquidations, a court case or three and now it's a shell of what it once was. Sad.